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WiPs and TV and Rafa

Hi, everybody!

I've been thinking idly for a few days about posting something about the TV I'm watching, and then I decided to take a page out of [personal profile] musesfool's book and do the WiP meme (share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs) while I was at it.

(1) "Do you wanna go over our schedules for this project?" he asked, picking up a tray and getting behind her in line. He made it sound like he didn't know where her locker was, like if she slipped out of his sight now, he'd never find her again, and he'd be left raising their egg as, like, some unshaven single dad. [from a collaborative high-school AU of The Mindy Project]

(2) And, ah, she'd known he would be good, but it surprised her, how readily he trusted her; when she pleaded, 'Harder,' into his shoulder, he didn't ask if she were sure but simply increased the force of his thrusts, upgrading the rattling of the headboard into a storm. He didn't treat her like she was breakable and didn't seem to expect delicate handling himself, so she let herself go and dug into the meat of his arms, tugged at his hair, and pulled him into her heat with the intent to bruise. [from the second half of Answered with a Question Mark]

(3) "Because she's got legs from here to here" - Charmonique's full wingspan, including inch-long lacquered nails, was impressive, and indicated an intern roughly the size of the Abominable Snowman - "and you really can't miss her. I don't know how you have." [from a college/internship AU of Selfie]

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What's up with you? What are you watching?

(Keep your fingers crossed for my boy Rafa to keep advancing at the Australian Open and to stay healthy and uninjured, please?)

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Sherlock series three, writing round-up, Sherlock Remix

Hi, everybody!

I was asked by a friend what I thought of the new series of Sherlock, and it ended up being so long that I thought I might as well post it. Collapse )


Because I'm so behind on everything, I still have two lists to put up: my 2013 writing round-up and my July-December theater excursions. I can only do one tonight, so it's going to be the former.

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I was surprisingly productive this year, and I had a wonderful time writing. After so many fallow periods, it feels undeniably great to be in the swing of things, and I let myself be adventurous, trying new fandoms and new ways of telling stories. I tried a poem, for the first time in way too long ("Like honey dripping to a waiting mouth"). I wrote (half) a story entirely in 221Bs ("Answered with a Question Mark"). I wrote in a fandom I knew very little of, despite a lot of canon material being available ("Diamond Life"). I posted some totally off-the-cuff fics ("What's Good for the Goose" & "First Sip"). I wrote several stories for a single new-to-me fandom, New Girl. I wrote a lot more fusions and crossovers than before, including one that seemed to be a hit not just with its intended recipient ("Amphibians"); people really like head-casting Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in Jane Austen adaptations, I guess. I continued one of my Sherlock series, the String of Pearls series ("Chips and Sweets"), and hope to write more of it in 2014. And nearly three years after I began it, I finished my Elastic Heart series, which clocked in at 176,393 words, according to AO3. I think it's the best thing I've written, particularly the last story, "Picardy Third."

What did I learn about myself and my writing in 2013? That I should take chances more often and let myself be adventurous. That I should write what's clamoring to be written and be surprised what shows up on the screen. That I love the work of writing original characters, and that putting them into fannish contexts, interacting with fandom characters, hits my sweet spot. That I shouldn't be afraid of writing something that has the same summary (say, post-Reichenbach musings) as umpteen other fics by other authors - we're all going to do it differently, and that's great. After all, I do love to read.


Also on the Sherlock tip: I've gotten a few pokes asking about whether there will be another round of sherlock_remix. Chime in if you like - I haven't made any decisions yet.


I hope you're all having a wonderful 2014 so far! Long may it continue!

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"Doilies All the Way Down" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy/Jake, ensemble; R)

And because faviconblithers had been such an amazing beta and sounding board for my Yuletide assignment, I wanted to write her something too. I took a look at her letter and found this request, which called to me: I'd love a story pairing Jake up with either Amy or Rosa, and trope-y detective stuff would be AMAZING here: A management assigned team building retreat. Pretending to be dating/married for a case, and making out to avoid getting caught. Trapped together in close quarters. Alternately, I'd also love a story exploring the dynamic between Jake and Holt, which I think has been one of the best parts of the show so far. I'm less interested in pairing the two of them in a relationship (I love that Captain Holt appears to be happily married!) but very much interested in how the two of them bounce off each other - undercover on a case and driving each other crazy, going drinking together, you name it. Again, trope-y is amazing for this one.

I got a huge assist from faviconhtbthomas on this one, and it was great to work with her (my sitcom-fandom buddy!) again. (Also, she pointed out that Jake must be a Community fan, given one of his lines in this fic.) So here's my B99 fic: rated R for Amy/Jake sexytimes but including the whole ensemble. The summary is: Amy wins the bet. Jake pays up. (Apologies for the slur - Jake uses the word "lame" as a synonym for "terrible" at one point, as he does on the show.) (Also, yes, Jake's car is named for the gorgeous woman in the Dolly Parton song, which is entirely amazing in its own right, but I was picturing the car Officer Tom Hanson drove in the original 21 Jump Street. And, finally, the blue car cover was taken directly from season one of Veronica Mars.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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