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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Supernatural Crossword! (1x01 - Pilot)
dean writes
Hi, everybody!

I thought I'd try to do something fun and interesting during the hiatus, and now you can join me if you're so inclined. Here's a crossword puzzle I created that takes all of its clues from the very first episode.

If this seems like fun to anyone else, I'll keep going. Let me know - too easy? Too detailed?


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OMG, omg. This is so awesome. This is the best hiatus gift ever! YOU LOVE US!

So far I've got all but ten of them from memory, without researching. Which means either that I am an enormous dork, OR that I'm not nearly as enormous a dork as I should be. One of the two.

I really love this.

I'm a little alarmed, frankly, that you got that many without any research. But my lips are sealed with respect to the two choices you're putting out there. SEALED, I tell you!

And, yes, I do love you.

I finished! I cannot believe I didn't get 9 Down. They're gonna revoke my fangirl card.


Nine down? Really? But you got all the rest, so yay!


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