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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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it all comes back to SPN, doesn't it?
me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

A few things I've been meaning to post about, nothing earth-shattering.

(1) A week and a half ago, I saw an interview with Javier Bardem, on whom I've had a mad crush since I saw Before Night Falls. And in that interview, he was charming and hilarious and interesting. And - here comes the SPN connection! - he mentioned that he learned English by listening to heavy metal (AC/DC and Metallica were the two bands he named). How very . . . ESL!Dean Winchester of him!

(2) I just caught part of Chances Are on tv. That's one of those movies I think I'd like a lot more if maybe I'd had a hand in the casting. I just really dislike Ryan O'Neal and Mary Stuart Masterson in this movie, and as a result have zero investment in the "correct" romances. Robert Downey, Jr., though - I adore him in this movie (and, it must be said, in most other things too). I cannot believe I haven't seen an SPN version of this movie, with Jess being Mary reincarnated, and pursuing John, then Sam. Seriously.

(3) I got an anonymous comment yesterday on a ficlet - I don't think it was concrit, because it wasn't really constructive, in the sense that I could learn from it and then apply it in my next story, but it was *trying* to be concrit. Anyway, as I told the person, if you want to leave me concrit, you don't need to be anonymous (nor do you need to be part of some brutal honesty meme). That "I'd love to hear what you think" tag I leave at the end of my fics means whatever you have to say about my story - good or bad - is something I'm interested in.

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I haven't seen the movie yet - I need to take some time to work myself up for scary movies - but let's give JDM and RDJr. credit for being sane enough to say NO to that haircut.

The Coen brothers literally cut JB's hair without telling him what the final 'do would look like. Gah.

big_pink made a post about the similarities and wanting to see Chigurh's (Bardem) hair on JDM and god help me, this reminded me of that and I'm actually trying to manip it now. Somebody stop me :(

You are supposed to use your talents for good! Not eeeeeeeeeevil!

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