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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Healthy Choice" (birthday fic for yesterday4!) - SPN gen, G
dean has simple pleasures
Tiny birthday ficlet for yesterday4, who prompted me with an icon of Dean and an apple. Happy birthday, sugar!

The apple sits heavy in his hand. Heavier than he remembers, and he knows what the weight should be, from years of swiping them from crowded school cafeterias so Sammy would have something crisp and sweet to eat after school. Even then, Sammy had usually liked it best when they swapped the apple back and forth, bites overlapping each other, and they were both sticky with juice.

Sammy's been looking out for him for a long time.

If eating this damn apple is going to make Sam happy, make him see that Dean believes that Sam's got the smarts to beat the deal, then there's no choice, really. He won't even do his luau-pig impression.

"Here's to living healthy, Sam," he says, raising the apple like he's hoisting a beer. He crunches down on it, white flesh parting beneath his teeth. Man, he'd forgotten just how sweet it could be.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

I'll second the "lovely."

But now I want to see Dean do his luau pig impression. *g*

WIN! I love the luau-pig bit. *snickers* And you totally know that Sam would probably be like this too.

Thank you so much, sweetie!! *HUGS*

YAY! Glad you enjoyed this!

(This kept wanting to veer into Happy Thoughts territory, but that story's already been written. I'm so pleased this worked for you!)

Happy birthday!

Damn! I was gonna say "lovely," but now it seems all unoriginal and stuff. So.... marvelous!

I bet Dean's luau-pig impression is awesome *g*. This is a sweet, poignant little moment, I liked it a lot.

You know it! He's very . . . enthusiastic!

luau-pig! Eeeee!

Super, hon. :)



Awesome. Really nice of Dean not to do the luau-pig impression. It's scary that I can clearly image what that would look like :)

Hee, Dean is very VIVID, isn't he?


Nicely done. Good use of the apple to tie the present to both the past and the future.

Favorite lines:

Even then, Sammy had usually liked it best when they swapped the apple back and forth, bites overlapping each other, and they were both sticky with juice.

Good details.

He won't even do his luau-pig impression.


Aw, thank you! There's always a DEAN! moment, even in the shortest pieces, isn't there? He's such a character.

I love how that flips from Dean looking after Sam -- stealing apples -- to that really being about the quiet ways that Sam actually looks after Dean.

An apple instead of french fries--atta boy, Dean. You're going to see 30!

Dean is going to live forever! BOYS!

Nice use of all the senses in such a short piece.

awww, dean. sweet indeed. (and i can just picture not only his luau-pig impression but sam's reciprocal bitchface. hee.)

I lovedit you fit so much in so little

oh! i love how you've taken a tiny slice of an unremarkable action and made it so eloquent. it feels very much in character for dean to avoid chick flick expressions of love and trust, but those emotions just pour out from his choices big and small.

Thank you very much for this feedback - it's so wonderful to read.

This is such an awesome little moment, and so very Dean!

Awesome, and I loved Happy Thoughts too. Thanks!


And "Happy Thoughts" was written as a birthday present for me, so I love it even more than I already would!