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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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this week
dean is at home with bobby
Everybody at work is sick, and I'm no exception. I'm claiming that as a consequence of that and not any natural stupidity, I'm getting mixed up on the days of the week this week. I thought yesterday was Friday, thought Monday was Tuesday, and I was convinced until twenty minutes ago that I'd get to see new Supernatural tonight. Woe!

I'm pretty excited for this ep, though. Given that Bobby is in it and from what I (totally unspoiled) can glean from the preview that aired right after "Malleus Maleficarum," we get to learn a little about him. I'm also nervous, though, since I'm totally in love with the backstory I'm giving Bobby in my spn_j2_bigbang story, and there's no way it'll click nicely with canon. Oh well. The story's already an AU, so I guess it's not going to hurt anything to make it doubly so.

How are you all doing? It seems like people on my flist are getting good news professionally and personally and everyone seems happy. Say it's so!

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Holidays + Rain + Books = Awesome! And they said I was never any good at maths, ptewy.

Also, the rain has brought out flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Rosellas who are screeching and making lots of birdie sounds. In an hour or so I am going out to do some gardening. *curls around happy*

Yay! I love hearing when people are happy - kind of especially when what's making them happy is just little stuff, because it's so . . . possible, so within everyone's reach, you know?

I remember seeing both those birds when I was in Sydney! So very bright and noisy and vivacious!

Glad you're happy, pet!

I'm so far out of whack with canon, I've given up. But hey, that's the point of fanfic.

My Bobby had a Vietnamese wife who died of cancer when Sam and Dean were small.

Edited at 2008-02-07 12:50 am (UTC)

My Bobby . . . well, I don't want to give it away before I post the fic, but he's got plenty in common with your Bobby, apparently.

I usually do try to stay within canon. This fic will be approximate to canon, though - there should only be a few things that couldn't have happened to the Winchesters as we know them.

My backup Big Bang bunny is also heavily reliant on Bobby, and I'm sooooo glad we get this episode before I have to really start writing it, just so I don't get violently jossed. I can play with almost anything they give him, I think...I'm sorry to hear it isn't the case for you!

Dude, how many bunnies are you juggling? You have two 20,000+ word bunnies? That's awesome!

I'm not really upset about being flat-out contradicted by canon, but only because I love the life I've given Bobby so much. I think if I were at all "meh" about it, I'd be upset, but I'd also be much more willing to scrap it and just use whatever they give us on Thursday.

Do you want to share what you're writing? Even just a bare-bones sketch?

In any case, good luck!

I have. Um. Three. Shhhh.

The one I really want to write, but it's complicated and may take more brainpower than I have, is a J2 AU with the boys as Jeeves and Wooster.

My immediate back-up is the Bobby one...John/Bobby, from John meeting him the first time when Sam was a little less than one, up until the Shotgun Incident when Sam was four. It'll have a lot to say about the boys' relationship with each other, and John, and Bobby; it has to do with who/what Mary was, and whether that condemns Sam, and how John and Bobby handle their opinions of it. It involves my ideas of Marines' children, based on my experiences. It'll be long and plotty and meta-ish; my main concern is how well I can handle serious plot and covering a long period of time, which I haven't done before.

My back-up back-up is the Some Like It Hot AU, which I'm not sure I can stretch so long and not push past the "fun" aspects. It may not be quite a 20,000-word piece, but, oh, I do want to write it someday! I may claim it for the next Reel_spn challenge, instead. ^_^

Yeah, basically, I'm nuts.

OMG, you are really tempting me to read RPF! I *adore* Jeeves and Wooster and Some Like It Hot!

The SPN fic sounds very interesting, and you have such a great angle in with your personal experiences; I'd love to read that. If you need an idea-bouncer-off-of person for that, let me know. I think I'm already overbooked on doing a line-by-line beta, but I could definitely help with plotting and shaping, if you need it. And John/Bobby! That's not a pairing I've ever read with interest before, but I have a feeling you could make me believe it, you vixen.

Happy writing!

I may take you up on that...I have a lot more faith in your abilities with this kind of story than in mine!

Ha! Oh, you're cute! And if you decide to write that fic and I can help, just poke me - inniedarling at gmail.

Can you believe there are only two episodes left? *wails* And I thought it was Thursday today too, so you aren't alone! ;)

Hope you're feeling better!

Wait, aren't there three? Tonight plus two more?

What we need is a sigil all of fandom can concentrate on and think about having new SPN on all the time - like in "Hell House." Tulpa-SPN!

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