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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"That would have to be a pretty big bird."
dean is at home with bobby
I just watched an old episode of Monk - I watched that show pretty faithfully until they dumped Sharona and brought on Natalie - and who showed up as the kindly sheriff but Jim Beaver. Go, Bobby! He had a line I could easily hear Dean Winchester saying and then he put the moves (very genteelly) on a lady who'd been duped and mistreated by her husband. He was too damn cute.

And attention, all Chuck watchers - it seems the next two new episodes will be shown this Thursday, one just before Supernatural and the second right after.

Hope all is well with everybody. Goodness gracious, do I need to write something.

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Ooh, thanks for the heads up on Chuck! It's definitely been my favourite new show this year.

I was pretty psyched to see it pop back up on the schedule too!

Wasn't Chuck on Mondays?

Damn the network.

(Actually...our baby and Chuck don't make a bad match...hmmmm...)

Yeah, it makes no sense, but the shows kind of would smoosh together nicely, so . . .

Oh, dear. I LOVED it. I passed it onto Tony and he liked it very much also (he's Irish so more familiar with Dublin than I am).

He, however, did not cry as overwhelmingly as I did at the end. Seriously, I'm almost tearing up thinking about it. WAH. Thank you so much for the recommendation, it was BANG on the money. The characters were all so carefully drawn, and the emotion was so strong.

I read some things about Jamie O'Neill. Apparently he was in a long term relationship with a man who died, sadly, of Aids-related Hepatitis. The man's family didn't recognise their relationship, kicked Jamie O'Neill out of his house, and burned all his clothes. The only thing they left him was the dog! AWFUL. But the story ends happily... One day, Jamie was at the pub, and the dog tied up outside, and he came out and there was a beautiful man petting his dog... and they got to talking and so on and fell in love and are still together. Isn't that a sad and happy story.

I'm now a Jamie O'Neill fan.

thank you! And... hi! *waves*

Oh, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! And I did not know that about Jamie O'Neill! That's a heartbreaking and lovely story.

That book irritated me so much in the first thirty or so pages and then - boom - I just fell into it and it was amazing.

Yay! What's next?

Re: At Swim, Two Boys

Do you know, for about the first thirty pages I really had to trust you that it was going to be good. Tony said that as well, when it was his turn. I would be sitting there and he'd be going "Oh look. You're not James Joyce, goddammit" and I was going "keep going, it's worth it".

But almost exactly 30 pages in WHAM, it totally had me. And him, later.

Hmmm what next indeed! What do you recommend next? I don't have any reading time atm because I'm trying trying trying to finish the rewrites on the thesisofdoom. But after that... I need a SERIOUSLY good recommendation for between my enormous bouts of sleeping.

(how's 2008 treating you so far?)


Oh, I'm so glad the book ended up working for you the way it did for me! Whoo!

Hmmm, what should you read next? If you want something quick (and I mean QUICK) and yet utterly satisfying, I'd say Helene Hanff's 84, Charing Cross Road. If you've got time to delve, I'd say the Melusine books by Sarah Monette are absorbing (though, again, with the first one, Melusine, there's the same "just get through the beginning and the rest is awesome" thing). Melusine, then The Virtu, then The Mirador, and then the last book in the series comes out in a few months, I believe.

2008 has been extraordinarily busy for me, though I am looking forward to seeing some lj friends. How about you?

Actually, I'm *cough* obtaining *cough* epsisodes 12 & 13 of Chuck right now! Eeeee!

Sry, this has nothing to do with your post.. Um, I just thought I might ask before I actually did it, and um yeah. May I friend you? I just checked out some of your fics from the master list you put up, and um yeah, BRILL.

Aw, thanks! Please feel free to friend and defriend as you choose!

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