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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Little Bat Ears" (The Tick, Batmanuel/Captain Liberty, ultimate)
boys on the verge of laughter
After prompting my little heart out for Porn Battle V (the fifth dimension), hosted, as ever, by the wonderful oxoniensis, work kind of blew up in my face. So this is my first entry for this round! Hopefully more to follow.

"Little Bat Ears" (The Tick [live-action], Batmanuel/Captain Liberty, ultimate)

Oh, it's humiliating, is what it is, the way that stupid Latin-lover accent gets her going when it rolls around her plain, white-bread, Midwestern girl name. "Janet," he breathes, pink mouth framed by that crisp little goatee, and if she shuts her eyes she can keep that as the image fixed in her brain instead of the stupid little bat ears perched on top of his slicked hair.

"Ngh," she grunts when his hands, a little sweaty but still clever, make their way into the open star over her chest. She's not much of a talker.

He is, though, even when his mouth is occupied with the handfuls of breast just waiting for him. "So firm, so plump, like ripe little peaches, Janet," he says, and she feels her legs going treacherously boneless at the words; she's thankful for the rough brick against her back.

"Hurry up." It's meant to be snapped out, a sharp command, but it turns into a plea. "We're supposed to be on patrol."

"Ah, Janet," he says, looking up at her with those eyes - she can give credit where it's due, and he's got beautiful eyes and cover-girl eyelashes - "your pink secrets are so impatient today."

Because if she takes her time, her brain will just get in the way, but if she says that, the decision to stay or go becomes his. "Shut up," she says, spreading her legs and letting him pull down her hot pants and fishnets.

Her moans echo as he works his tongue savagely on her, whipping like a startled snake, and her crown is falling over one eye. She lets it fall, becoming a necklace of spikes, and finds that she's holding onto his little bat ears.

And for the curious, here's
Chuck, Chuck/Lou, energetic
Chuck, Chuck/Lou, juggernaut
O.C., Ryan/Theresa, unfamiliar
Dirty Sexy Money, Jeremy/Juliet, imaginary
Dirty Sexy Money, Karen/Sebastian, imaginative
The Tick (live-action), Batmanuel/Captain Liberty, ultimate
House, House/Cuddy, comfortable
Friday Night Lights, Tim/Tyra, escape
Pushing Daisies, Chuck/Olive, triumph
21 Jump Street, Hanson/Penhall, overlapping
21 Jump Street, Fuller/Hoffs, babygirl
Firefly, Jayne/Kaylee, confusion
Firefly, Jayne/Kaylee, open
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Carrie Bishop, vindication
Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/Jacobi, language
Simpsons, Apu/Manjula, braid
Firefly, Mal/Fanty/Mingo, exhilaration
Firefly, Simon/Badger, derelict
Sports Night, Natalie/Kim, independence
X-Files, Scully/Detective Kresge, immediate
Crossover, Firefly/Supernatural, Jubal Early/Gordon Walker, dominance
Supernatural, Dean/Cassie, skin
Supernatural, Dean/Cassie, glow
Supernatural, Sam/Jess, giggle
Supernatural, Sam/Jess, flour
Juno, Juno/Bleeker, headband
Rome, Vorenus/Niobe, unbridled
Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow/any wench, teeth
Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/John Ash, teamwork
O.C., Summer/Theresa, smiling

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I don't know The Tick but I enjoyed.

I prompted Dirty Sexy Money too and I don't think I've seen any written. :( Interesting set of prompts! Sorry your work's been busy - hope you are good otherwise! :)

Glad you liked it!

Work has been such a roller-coaster lately, with one person in particular. Gah.

I hope you're feeling all the way better! (And maybe YOU should write DSM!)

Gah to people causing bumps at work!

I am better, thank you! Feeling revved up.

LOL! I have written a few bits for porn battle already, I think I might be porned out ;)


It's love, chum! LOVE!

Hee! You know it!

Come on, Arthur, get meta with me!

Oh lord. I was just remembering how nice it was to get linked to this as a tasty treat for my unfulfilled Yuletide request, and then I thought, WAIT, did I ever COMMENT? And apparently I did NOT. Because I SUCK. I'm so sorry.

And I loved it, and love it still! Her roiling mix of lust and eyerollery, his beautiful lashes, the "pink secrets" reference--and I can just HEAR him saying "Janet." Wonderful, and I enjoyed it greatly, and meant to tell you so eons ago.

Awww, I'm so pleased that you found this, and that it worked for you! I really do adore these two together, they're so snappishly affectionate.

Hee, pink secrets! That's just a great line that I HAD to steal.

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