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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Vocabulary" (audio)
Hi, everybody!

The wonderful and industrious chiak made an audio version of my first story in this fandom, the one that introduced me to all of you wonderful people, "Vocabulary." I have to admit I was wondering how she'd pull off some of this, since there's not a lot of dialogue and the story needs to be both in and out of Sam's head, but she manages it beautifully - the sentences Sam constructs are in a nicely introspective voice, and each of the Winchester men has a different speaking voice. Go, enjoy!

And while I'm here, happy new year, flist! I hope 2008 treats everybody better than 2007 did.

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Happy 2008 to you! :)

Thanks for the rec. I am devouring podfic at the moment. I find that even with stories I have read more than once, hearing them read always adds a new dimension to them.

I'd never thought about how different a fic read is from a fic heard - it's really startling! Enjoy!

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