kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Let's play a made-up game! About BOOKS!

I adore this icon. Not that that's the point of this post.

I thought I'd make up a game to play. Partly because everyone seems unhappy with fandom, partly because I don't really enjoy the memes that exist and are going around, partly because I never send out cards but I want to try for a personal connection anyway, and partly because I am insatiably curious about what people read and love to tell people what else they should read.

So! Let's see if we can get this going! Comment here with something - an author you already like, a genre, a mood, a storyline you want to see more of, something like that - and I'll tell you what book that I've read I think would suit you right now. This is not a "what are your desert island books?" kind of question. It has to do with what you feel like reading right now.

Anyone want to play?
Tags: lj, real_life

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