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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Small fandom haikus: Arrested Development, Chuck, FNL, Psych, Pushing Daisies, O.C., Touching Evil
dean writes
Inspired by the lovely oxoniensis, I decided to take a shot at writing haikus for fandoms I hadn't written in before. Try it, it's fun, like a teeny-weeny yuletide or something!

Friday Night Lights: Julie/Matt – first

"this is the first," coy
little smile, dimple blurring
that first gold freckle

Arrested Development

Meet the Bluths! They are
Sweetly intolerant. And
Narrator's fun too.

O, widow with the
Brownish points, you're just like juice!
Love or vertigo?

"No hair for oil!" But
Who's listening? Pole-dancing
Might just do the trick.

Sly peanut brittle,
Now he thinks he's Steve McQueen,
Busty loves Lucille.

Hot Cops teach lessons
And sometimes choir. All that's left
Is an outflung arm.

Pantyhose pranks is
Like Breakfast at Tiffany's.
GOB and Wife in love!

Drunk: "I love Marta."
Sober: hides in the staircar.
How can he tell her?

Worldbeater or not,
Maeby knows what to write to
Gangee: "Love, Fatty."

Ball-gags and arseholes,
Funke overcompensates,
Wearing leather wrong.

Chuck: Chuck/Awesome - tango

Music makes its move,
Rhythm of hips, locked legs, more
To go, more to come.

The O.C.: Theresa/Ryan – chances

Slow walk on the pier,
He's laughing again, sunset
Holds her hand like his.

Psych: Shawn – jealous

No one else has earned
Gus's fist-bump of triumph,
That one thing is theirs.

Pushing Daisies: Chuck - swimming

Her aunts always swam
Together, in unison,
She found blue alone.

Touching Evil: Rivers - newbie

Something between them,
Always intent, each other
All they see. I'm new.

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AW these are cute! I love Psych so that one is esp cool. Does look like fun! :)

It is fun! And part of what makes it fun is that it's an achievable goal - you don't feel like you're committing to a full fic.

I can't slash Gus and Shawn, but they are so BFFs. Thanks!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you wrote Chuck/CA!!!!!

I did! And I was thinking of you!

Aww, I just love that Psych one! I can just see him, getting all jealous over Gus fist-bumping with someone else!

And the Pushing Daisies one is really touching - so much said in just a few words.

Also, Chuck/Awesome!! Whee!!!

Thank you so much for the idea! I'm very glad you liked the Shawn one, and the Chuck one.

The PD one made me sad as soon as I wrote it, because Chuck seems to have been so isolated for so much of her life, you know? The aunts have each other, but Chuck has a million and one hobbies (very Max Fischer) and her bees and that's it. Poor Chuck.

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