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i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Veronica Mars: Season 4 Preview
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
I just found a copy of the "Special Agent Veronica Mars" preview for what would have been season 4, and I thought I'd share. It's only about ten minutes long, and it stays strictly with Veronica's professional life; there's no indication of how any of the other characters from seasons one through three would have fit in, or if they would at all. There is also some fairly distracting recycling of actors - the woman who played Nish in season 3 and the man who played Andre in season 1 both have important roles - and it's not clear if they shot this preview with actors they were planning to keep or if this truly was just a teaser for the concept of Veronica in the FBI.

Disappointed as I was with seasons two and three, they still have some amazing moments, and I stand firm in my conviction that the first season is the best season of dramatic television I've ever seen - it was written, paced, and acted so vividly and intensely.

Anyway. Enough babble. Here are the links for downloading. part 1 and part 2. I'd appreciate a comment to let me know if you're snagging it.

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Grabbing these, thanks! I agree; Season 1 of Veronica Mars really was just stunning, all around. I've never fallen for a show quite so quickly and completely before.

My pleasure! Ah, the glory days of season one!

Nicking, thanks so much...I was terribly curious.

Just wanted to say - how awesome, definitely will snag this but probably tomor night when can get to a place with hi-speed. Thanks!

I'm very curious about this - thank! I'm downloading now.

And yes, just thinking about that first season fills me with nostalgia for how good it was.

Um, that's meant to be 'thanks'! I can't seem to leave a comment without typos these days!

Hee, I knew what you meant! But yeah, season one was phenomenal, right?

Season one really was amazing. It hooked me from the start, and I was writing fan fiction by episode 4, which was unheard of for me back then.

The teaser for a fourth season was actually a whole lot more interesting than I'd expected it to be. I still have major doubts about it, because it was the whole dynamic, all the characters, I loved, but I wouldn't have minded seeing an episode or two. Thanks again for sharing it!

I should go back and find your VM fic one of these days. A non-NaNo day, most likely.

And yeah, the dynamics from season 1 were stellar, and it's hard to tell from this preview who would have remained in season 4, but I would have wanted to see it anyway.

And it was my pleasure!

Honestly, I don't think there was anything really worth going back and checking out! I didn't write a huge amount in the fandom, and my earlier stories soon got jossed. I just wish I'd manage to write the season 1 hiatus story I had in mind, but somehow I couldn't get going with it - I don't think I wrote anything post season 1.

Hee, I sound like I'm forbidding you to read them or something - you're very welcome to do so, just don't expect much!

I consider myself appropriately warned . . . and intrigued. I will go back and read your stuff at some point. Like you, I wish I'd written more when season 1 was still unfolding.

What was your hiatus story going to be about?

It was a Logan and Veronica story, them dealing with Veronica having mistrusted him, and Veronica dealing with everything that had happened. It just never got going. And I expect other people wrote that story - I just never read much in the fandom, after the first few months, for some reason.

That sounds like it would have rocked. But I hear you about not just pushing forward with it.

I downloaded and watched the first season of Veronica Mars in a blurred week-long haze where I felt like I was perpetually going to choke to death on my own happiness and anxiety. MAN that shit was good. Even if I was years late to the party.

It SO was. Just *astonishingly* good.

My pleasure! (May I ask, who are the people in that icon?)

they are Leto and Ghanima from the mini-series Children of Dune. :)

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