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I have no shame. I have good friends instead.

Aww, you guys! You make it very difficult to feel anything but happy. Thanks for making such a big deal about my birthday! I got birthday wishes from smilla02, janissa11, shotofjack, girl_wonder, marinarusalka, azewewish, fleshflutter, girlguidejones, and embroiderama [ETA (SHAMEFULLY) and rinkle and koyote19]; a hilarious card from tenaciousmetoo; and gifts from pheebs1, destina, oxoniensis, and flipmontigirl! And there was fic too! (I'm including last year's haul because I was too stunned at the time to put together a proper list.)

Manlove for "Devil's Trap" by sargraf [A lovely meta disguised as emo!porn that made me realize all over again how wonderful our show is, and what a marvelous episode "Devil's Trap" really was.]

Not a Gender Swap by pheebs1 [A provocatively hilarious story set-up in which Sam - SHOCKER - wakes up as a boy!]

Playing in Harmony by pheebs1 [An oh, Dean! story in which Dean finds a broken guitar, learns to play, and . . . well, life gets in the way.]

Happy Thoughts by janissa11 [Total comfort food. I've read this fic eleventy billion times and it still makes me laugh out loud. Dean's blood pressure is high. Sam takes action.]

Expiration Date by eighth_horizon [Yeah, so Dean is naked in a graveyard. And YES that is a perfectly valid summary.]

Vertigo from Falling by girl_wonder [Sometimes, Dean has wings. A gorgeous, melancholy story about Dean that says so much about being alone.]

Tomorrow We Go to Oakland by ficwriter1966 [A beautiful story in which the boys, thinking they're far apart, take the time to reach out for each other.]

Standing Ovation by deirdre_c [An adorable drabble showing Dean is the mommy.]

Five Times Dean Was Happy by pheebs1 [A story that sneaks up on you, and the exploration of Dean's happiness is wonderful.]

Running Burned and Blind by musesfool [A vivid, sharply realized story in which Sam needs comfort and Dean's honesty is it.]

Ill Wind by dotfic [A marvelous story that explores a new kind of character in alarmingly smart ways but still makes time to provide Deany thrills.]

And I wrote two things of my own, because, damn it all, I love my birthday, and writing makes me happy too. So scene ten of the Ben and Dean series is up, as is a piece of complete and unapologetic crack, a Simpsons crossover called Bones of Shelbyville, inspired by the show's own continuing allusions to Matt Groening's world.

So thank you very much, all, for taking the time to give me a hug. Hugs back!
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