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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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3x01's first scene with the boys (spoilers for that ep)
dean digs deep
I don't want to get into a deep commentary about the ep - I like to do that kind of thing after I've seen the ep a few times, in a larger context. But a few small things occurred to me about the opening scene with the boys (if you've seen the director's cuts, then you won't be spoiled by anything I'm saying): (1) so the big question - at least on my flist - is what exactly Dean was doing that would have caused Sam to want to gouge his eyes out, and I've seen some fairly inventive and explicit answers. But honestly, I thought Dean was tittyfucking that girl. We only saw one girl, correct? And the pile of clothes on the floor could have belonged to a single girl, right? And yet Dean speaks fondly of "the Doublemint twins" - so . . . you see where I'm going with this, right? Also, (2) pleeeeeeeease let Sam's line about "polling the electorate" be a Simpsons shout-out. If it is, that brings the allusions up to 3 as far as I can tell: (a) the undeniable shout-out in "Something Wicked" with the names of the towns, (b) the possible reference in "Tall Tales" with the name of the blonde bar-girl being "Starla," and (c) this possible reference to Diamond Joe Quimby. That would ROCK.

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"Polling the electorate"!

Thank you! I could not for the life of me figure out what he said, and I just knew it was a good one. Hee.

Also, I *like* your interpretation of the doublemint twins. I'm going with it!

Ha! Maybe I have The Simpsons on the brain, because I heard that line loud and clear.

Dean, whatever you were up to, I'm sure it was sordid and you loved it.

Thank you for clearing something up for me! I kept hearing "bowling the electric" and I was going to google search on it in case that is something all the kids are saying these days, but I never did. "Polling the electorate" makes so much more sense. *g*

(Deleted comment)
Hee! You guys are cute! Dean has better things to do than bowling the electric!

Dean as Diamond Joe! COME ON!!!

All right! That makes sense. So I'll get in line with you on that one. Ah, DEAN.

Thanks also for answering my "Huh?" question of the evening. I've watched the ep 3 times and I still didn't know what Jared was drawling.

And I LOVE your icon. Hee.

I revamped my icons just in time for season 3! Yes, I'm a dork.

Dean! With the sordid one-night stands! Love you!

Glad I could clear that up for you - good to know The Simpsons comes in handy!

I think we heard two girls, though. (And Doublemint twins is such a specific reference that it's hard to think of it applied to anything other than identical twins!)

It took me about six times to demumblefy that Simpsons reference.

I agree that "doublemint twins" is a very specific reference, but I don't know if I heard more than one girl. In any case, Dean was getting something Sam didn't want to see.

Hee! I'm wondering if I'm the only person who heard that line clearly. Enunciate, JP!

Doublemint twins is such a specific reference that it's hard to think of it applied to anything other than identical twins

That's what I thought too, but then I've read others saying they've heard the term used as slang for boobs. I buy it either way, but I think I like the tittyfucking interpretation better.

Thank you for clarifying what Sam said. I listened to him over and over again and couldn't make out what he was saying.

You're welcome! (But for what?)

Lol... I'd had NO CLUE what he said, much less what the reference was (since I haven't watched the Simpsons for....oh, a decade or so). So - THANK YOU! *grins*

SIMPSONS SHOUTOUT! omg you nailed it! I'm certain that's what it is! Bless you.

I *LOVE* that at least one person in the writer's room knows her/his Simpsons canon! Can you think of any shout-outs other than the three I listed above?

I'm also most pleased that there was an Arrested Development shout-out. Keep it up, show; keep kicking my love for you to higher and higher levels.

Hey - my first thought was that he was reffing one girl's boobs, then I thought, is there something else I'm being too innocent minded to think of (i think your tittyfucking idea is prob correct). A lot of my flist seems to be thinking Dean was WITH twins, but I didn't. Anyway.

Loved the Seven shout out too. As that what was I was thinking for half of it, it needed the ref!

I could believe that Dean was with two girls that night - this is the character who had a threesome in "Provenance" - but I just didn't see a second girl in "The Magnificent Seven." Yay, our boys are back!

Oh gosh, I didn't think Dean wasn't with twins cos I don't think he would - he TOTALLY would - but there was one girls shadow, one girls stuff so I naturally assumed one girl there! But anyway. YAY! Its good to have 'em back!

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