kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

3x01's first scene with the boys (spoilers for that ep)

I don't want to get into a deep commentary about the ep - I like to do that kind of thing after I've seen the ep a few times, in a larger context. But a few small things occurred to me about the opening scene with the boys (if you've seen the director's cuts, then you won't be spoiled by anything I'm saying): (1) so the big question - at least on my flist - is what exactly Dean was doing that would have caused Sam to want to gouge his eyes out, and I've seen some fairly inventive and explicit answers. But honestly, I thought Dean was tittyfucking that girl. We only saw one girl, correct? And the pile of clothes on the floor could have belonged to a single girl, right? And yet Dean speaks fondly of "the Doublemint twins" - so . . . you see where I'm going with this, right? Also, (2) pleeeeeeeease let Sam's line about "polling the electorate" be a Simpsons shout-out. If it is, that brings the allusions up to 3 as far as I can tell: (a) the undeniable shout-out in "Something Wicked" with the names of the towns, (b) the possible reference in "Tall Tales" with the name of the blonde bar-girl being "Starla," and (c) this possible reference to Diamond Joe Quimby. That would ROCK.
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