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BEN AND DEAN: scene nine

Hi, everybody!

New scene here, and I want to give a little note about this one. I'd wanted to bring Sam into the story at this point, but things just weren't working. I wrote this scene fairly quickly but then spent about a week writing different ways for Sam to enter the story and hating them all. I finally had the sense to talk to my lovely beta janissa11, and thank goodness she's way smarter than I am. Because she sat me down and said that if the story was fighting that hard against Sam coming in at this time, I should listen to it, and that, as far as she could see, the story was already building to a different way to bring Sam in. When she told me that idea, I have to admit, I was floored. I'd never even considered it, but she's right, it makes sense given what's already gone on in the previous scenes. So. Stay tuned for a very exciting scene ten, and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy scene nine!

Sunshine State
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scene ten
Between the two of them, they own my whole heart.
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