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International Blog Against Racism Week

Hi, everybody!

I will probably fail at saying what I really want to say, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway. I still consider myself new to online-dom, so I don't know much about International Blog Against Racism Week, but I'm seeing quite a few posts related to it, from my own flist and beyond (it's kind of staggering how much more I see on the days I code the newsletter). And while I applaud the spirit behind such weeks and days - taking time to think through what very often goes unnoticed or internalized is never a bad thing - I tend to feel about them like I do about philosophy classes: okay, I get the idea, what do I *do* about it now?

This is not meant to be a slam on the people who are writing beautiful character assessments of their favorite characters of color or the people who are taking the time to analyze history and point out how it still affects the present. It's simply meant to say this is how I'm trying every single day to think about these issues in a fannish context, because that's pretty much all this journal is for. I do think about racism every day in real life, in large part because I am a non-white person, in fact 100% Indian in terms of heritage, though I consider myself completely an American. But if the point of my online space is fannish content, as it seems to be for many of you too, then let's translate IBARW into fannish terms.

So, next time you write a Supernatural story, consider making an OC (a victim of the week, a confidant, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, an armed forces buddy of John's, a cop, a priest, a villain, SOMEBODY) a non-white character. Or write something using one of the non-white characters the show has already given us - Missouri, Cassie, Gordon, Henricksen, the doctors from "Faith" and "In My Time of Dying" who told Sam that Dean was dying, the Native American man from "Bugs" who called Dean a liar, George Darrow from "Crossroad Blues," et al.

I've done this myself a few times, and I can't say that response has suffered for it. I wrote a story from Cassie's POV. I wrote a story that sent the boys into a real town in New Jersey with a significant Indian population and gave them a case with elements of Hindu mythology. Four of the nine girls Sam has his one-night stands with in one of my stories were non-white. And my boy Ben is non-white too. Those were the stories I wanted to tell and these were the characters I wanted to tell them with. It's easier for me to create non-white OCs than white OCs, but that doesn't mean I won't do both, or that I think I shouldn't write the Winchesters just because pretty much nothing in their experience matches up with mine (aside from having a family that is very important to me).

Hopefully that made some kind of sense.
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