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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

Just a random post here, a few scattered things I wanted to say. First off, please note how misleadingly hot I am as a Simpsons character; say what you will about Blinky, there must be something good in the Springfield water.

Second, a couple of the girls at work have been taking the Myers-Briggs personality test (as offered through some dating site) and laughing maniacally as they test out various partner-matches. It's been pretty amusing. I remember taking the M-B test in high school, and I'm INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging - rather than Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving). Anyway, long story short, INFJ really does describe me well, and I wanted to share the most hilarious bit of one website's description of INFJs: You are attracted to sad things. Now, I know they meant "melancholy has an allure for you," but really, could they have described my love life any better? No.

Third, a semi-serious fic request for Harry Potter I've never been fannish about the books, but after reading Deathly Hallows, I realized I wanted to see futurefic with George, lost without Fred, eventually finding happiness with Luna. I'd write it myself (maybe), only I think my version would be very Potterverse-by-way-of-the-Winchesters, because I'm too in love with Sam and Dean to let go of them long enough, and that would result in a great big mess.

Fourth, I'm engaged in plotting a bunch of Supernatural stories. One just got posted, one will be posted for a birthday, one I'm about halfway done writing, one I'm determined to start writing before the month is through, one I've got pretty much plotted out but not yet written, and the last is still kind of hazy. That last one will be Sam/OMC, so talk to me, please, about what you'd want to see in such a fic. My thinking's not quite clear on that one yet.

Thanks in advance!

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any chance one of those fics you're working on is the next Ben/Dean? (what can I say, I'm hopelessly besotted with those two)

Hee, me too! Actually, I didn't mention the next B/D scene in that list because I haven't gotten very far with it. Keeping things in Ben's POV is making things quite difficult, but I don't want to change that. I'd really like it, actually, if John were more involved, since this is an AU and I've already established that he's sort of around.

But please, talk to me about Sam/OMC! I assume you got into B/D after reading "Sunshine State," and so I'll say up front that I don't want to write something similar to Sam/Ben. Other than that, though, I'm pretty open, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Well, in Sunshine State you had the OMC that had basically a lot of Dean's traits, with Sam unconsciously seeking that out. What if in this one, you went the other way? Have Sam attracted to someone that has the traits and is what he wants to be or be seen as? He deliberately starts dating a guy that is everything he thinks is normal and that he wants to be?

(and I'm thrilled that you're considering getting John more involved in the B/D 'verse. I have been dying for them to actually meet face to face. Oddly enough, I think that would work better with Dean somewhere else. Just Ben and John, trying to talk to each other around the big elephant of Ben and Dean being together.)

Oh, there will be at least one moment when it hits Sam really sharply that this guy is NOT Deanlike at all. Don't think it'll necessarily be Sam's choice to date this guy either. Hmmmm. Must think more.

I don't know yet if we'll get onscreen John in the scenes, but he will definitely be around.

Thanks so much for your help!

I checked out my personality type on there - apparently "assassin" is a good career for me >:)

Hahahahah! Honestly, that thing was so on the money with respect to good career choices for me - I was an English prof until I realized I couldn't earn a decent salary at it. Ah well.

Which type are you, by the way?

INTP - and pretty much everything written about it is scarily accurate. The phrasing does leave something to be desired though... apparently I "wrestle with the meaningless of existence" and dislike "happy people".

Happy people suck, don't they?

Awwww, I've never even considered George/Luna, but that makes me very happy to think about. They could be whimsical together and make people laugh!

It totally works for me - they'd be that happily off-kilter couple once Luna could get him to realize she understands what it's like to lose someone so necessary. Poor George.

There actually are a couple authors who write George/Luna already (cicatrixstories has some from between OotP and HBP, and then between HBP and DH that are very good). I don't think it's a pairing that's that far off, really.

My heart is still broken over Fred. After Ron, he was my favorite.

Fred was my very favorite. I couldn't quite believe one twin would die but not the other.

Thanks for the link! I clicked on a couple of her (?) stories and found one where Fred's dead and it's just G/L, but I really am craving future-fic.

I'd say give it time. The book's been out less than a month; I'm sure the fics will start pouring in soon enough.

I was so scared that one twin would die and the other wouldn't, but then JKR injured George so I thought they were safe. But oh no. She had to go and shatter my heart into a gazillion pieces by taking away my book boyfriend.

I just wanted to get the idea out there . . . I will be waiting.

Oh, Fred! I will miss your smart mouth and your energetic dancing and your complete love for your twin.

Oh my that site is interesting. For my type, ENFJ, it informs me that I am "anti-tattoos". Oh, and according to it, neither of us should go into careers as race-car drivers!

It's very weird, for sure. And when I saw the race-car driver thing, I was like, "Was I about to drop everything and get on the circuit? No."

Whee! We're so close!

I'm not finding any George/Luna that's ever been posted on FictionAlley but if any ever is, it'll be findable by clicking here

Ahhhh, thank you so much! I'm totally new when it comes to HP fandom! I will definitely be keeping my eye on that site.

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