kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

long Firefly fic: "Phyxius" (part 6)

Mahaladu: III

Zoe is snapped out of her reverie by a pounding on the door. She can hear the concern in Kaylee’s voice. “Zoe? Y’alright? Are ya hurt?”

“No, I’m good,” she calls back, turning off the icy water and wrapping a towel around herself. She dries herself quickly and steps out into the hall to reassure the girl. “Just thinking, is all.” She watches Kaylee head to the engine room and makes her way to her bunk. She pulls on some soft night clothes and lies down, trying to clear her mind. Don’t, she warns herself, don’t go any further. Just stop right there. Don’t even think about what happened a few years later. It’s too late, though; Wash’s words have sent her reeling, and the control she found in Jayne’s rough care is gone again. The memories are insistent.

Continue: Part 7/21
Tags: fic, firefly

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