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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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SPN Fic: "A Cappella" (birthday fic for eloise_bright!) (Gen, G)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

Here's a little birthday ficlet for eloise_bright, who consistently writes wonderful pre-series fic, and is a delight to know. Happy birthday, sugar! (My thanks, as always, to janissa11 for assuring me that this worked.)

"A Cappella"

With his eyes narrowed in what he must think is a threatening manner and his face scrunched up in a supposedly menacing frown, Sammy Winchester is so cute she wants to wrap him up and put him in her pocket. Then he opens his mouth and says, "I want my dad," in what could pass for a five-year-old's version of a growl - no, she has to give him credit, that really was a growl, one a mop-topped kid shouldn't be able to summon - and glares at her, at Principal Brandon, and at the door, like he expects his father to materialize as soon as the wish has left his mouth. She just wants to pinch him and feed him cookies.

His legs dangle high above the linoleum floor, but she gets the feeling he'd be tapping his foot impatiently if he could. Most kids - bigger kids - are scared at being summoned to the principal's office after school, but Sammy just looks uncharacteristically defiant, like he's not the same boy who claps with such gusto when they sing "Bingo" or grins when he gets to be classroom monitor. It tugs at her heart, the difference she sees in him, and she squats down beside him. "Sammy, what happened? You usually like Music Time."

He cuts his eyes sideways at her, and stays facing the door. And that's just weird, him ignoring her like that, when he usually hangs on her every word. "Dad!" he says, and his tone isn't relieved, or anxious, or anything else normal. It's conspiratorial, and she feels silly even thinking it, because if there was ever a kid who wore his heart on his sleeve and was constitutionally incapable of keeping a secret, it's Sammy.

"Hey, sport," says Sammy's dad, who's big and bearded and just . . . gorgeous. Mr. Winchester looks Sammy over for a moment, then turns to them. "I'd like a minute alone with my son." It's not a request.

Principal Brandon turns to her and she shrugs, so father and son go out in the hallway for their conversation. She's got exactly no shame, and knows George Brandon's got even less, so they don't even bother making excuses to each other before they're pressed up against the door, trying desperately to eavesdrop.

"Where's Dean?" is the first thing out of Mr. Winchester's mouth.

"In the big kids' room," Sammy answers. "They said they couldn't call him, only you."

"Okay, and why'd they have to call me?" He sounds a little surprised but not angry or worried.

"Miss Marissa wanted us to tell lies," Sammy says, sounding honestly aggrieved, and George gives her a look that means she needs to start explaining right now.

"I have no idea!" she whispers frantically. "We sang 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' and 'Camptown Ladies' and then I taught them a new song, really cute. It's called 'Monsters in the Mud.'"

She can hear Sammy singing the incriminating song for his father, forgetting to be quiet, and his little piping soprano comes through clearly. She's impressed that he's got the thing memorized. "Big yellow teeth and a forty-foot tongue, / Hoppin' all around singing dum-dee-dum-dum! / Dum, dum, dum, dum-dee-dee-dee! Dum, dum, dum, dum-dee-dee-dee!"

She and George exchange bewildered looks when Sammy finishes and his father takes a deep, serious breath and says, "I'll take care of this." He's quick enough that he nearly catches them eavesdropping, and when he comes in he looks each of them in the eye and shakes his head like he's completely disappointed in them. She feels six years old again and an apology springs to her lips before she's even figured out what she needs to apologize for.

George's back stiffens and he hurries to set the tone for the meeting. "Mr. Winchester, has Sammy explained why he disrupted this afternoon's class so . . . dramatically?"

Mr. Winchester's eyes narrow just like Sammy's did, and she finds herself believing in this implicit threat a lot more. "Sammy got spooked. He's an imaginative kid." There's a little pause and she finds herself believing him, his unapologetic air. "Sometimes he has nightmares . . . about monsters. That song just gave him fodder for another couple months, easy." He's not looking at George now, but at her, and it's taking all of her willpower to keep eye contact with him.

She swallows hard. "Mr. Winchester, I apologize. Sammy's never been anything but helpful before and I should have realized he wasn't trying to make trouble." There are born troublemakers out there, but Sammy isn't one of them; his screams had been real. "If you'd bring him back in, I could apologize to him personally."

Mr. Winchester's stone-dark eyes haven't softened a bit. "Don't bother," he says. "Sammy won't be coming here anymore. We're going to be moving over the weekend."

There's no point protesting; she can see that the plans are already in place and he'd take any questioning as an insult.

He leaves and she can hear him say, "C'mon, Sammy, let's go get Dean from the big kids' room."

Her heart hurts at the thought of never seeing Sammy's bright little face again. She walks back to her classroom and straightens it up automatically. Halfway down in the pile of drawings on her desk is one by Sammy, capital letters spelling out "my class" wandering tipsily along the top of the page, above a long row of smiling brown and pink faces.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW This is absolutely adorable. I especially like that the first thing that John says is "Where's Dean?"

<333 Great job. I really enjoyed this.

Hee, thanks! Glad you liked!

(Deleted comment)
Aww. Little Sammy is so cute in his indignation at having to sing "lies" about monsters. I love how the teacher, without knowing anything that's going on, picks up little hints of the Winchester weirdness. Great outsider POV here.

Poor Miss Marissa - she has no idea what she stirred up. And little Sammy is just too precious. Thanks!

You have the best Wee!chesters in the whole wide world. If I wasn't fathoms deep in love with Ben I'd demand that you devote your whole life to recreating their childhoods for us.

*makes mental note not to teach children songs about happy monsters*

I love the assumption that Dean will be wherever Sammy's having trouble; I love John's ability to intimidate kindergarten teachers (heh. Somehow it's completely in-character.) And Sammy being adorable when intimidating makes me crack up.

Ah, Ben! I was telling Em that I kind of want Ben and Dean to meet as little kids. Only not, because that would be incredibly lame, but still. The image persists.

This song is real - I sang it in school, and my mom still remembers it.

Dude, you know John is a badass, and he uses it at every opportunity. And Sammy is trying so hard to be like his dad and brother, but those dimples and bangs and eyes and nose make it awfully difficult for him to be anything but a cutie-pie.


This is great, and uhm, I think it's my personal bias that has me SQUEE at your John, here. I mean, yes, Sam is utterly cute, but it's Dad being all glary and scary that grabs me. *hangs head in shame*

I love it :)
thank you :)

John is a fine piece of ass. His growly voice is quite yummy. No shame!


Sammy mimicking John's growl; I can hear it. Great piece!

Hee, Sammy, even when you hit 6'5" you won't be able to match that growl!

Thanks so much!

Cute Sam and Uhmgrowlsquint!John. My day is complete.

(Deleted comment)
John is totally the hottest, most menacing Dad ever. Guh. And I'm with the teacher, man, I'd totally want to pinch Sam's cheeks & feed him cookies, too. *g*

Great, short piece, baby. :)

Thank you very much! Get the feeling the Winchesters wouldn't get away with nearly as much were they not hotasses of the first order? Yeah, me too.

awww. so cute. ^_^ i especially like how the teacher's first reaction to john is ...gorgeous, and that he's so easily stern to her.

Yeah, she knows authority when she sees it. Go John!


Wow, that is just utterly squishable. I'm in love with Miss Marissa, who is a much nicer kindergarten teacher than I'll ever be.

This line made me squee out loud:

"Hey, sport," says Sammy's dad, who's big and bearded and just . . . gorgeous

if John Winchester turned up at my classroom door, that's exactly what I'd think.

And wee Sammy having a tantrum, that's just adorable. I had this one wee boy one year, and he spent the first morning standing next to the door, screaming if anyone spoke to him. He was fine as long as no one spoke to him...

Ah, the joys of four year olds. Sammy does indeed need his cheeks pinched.

I feel like you really wrote this JUST FOR ME.


I did, I did! Yay, you liked it!

I think you were the first person who wrote a John-and-Sam piece that I really loved, and I thought, let me see if I can do that even half as well.

Sammy does need his cheeks pinched, but Dean will rock-salt anyone who tries it.

I liked how you showed the most ordinary things were a big deal for the boys when they were kids. (Is that an actual children's song?)

"Hey, sport," says Sammy's dad, who's big and bearded and just . . . gorgeous.

Hee. Another reason John probably used to keep moving was schoolteachers calling him in for one too many meetings. *g*

That song just gave him fodder for another couple months, easy."

The poor teacher, heh. John didn't have to get in this dig too, the thing about monsters giving Sam nightmares was enough. Oh John.

That is indeed an actual children's song, and one I learned at school. I even sang a little of it when my mom was around a couple weeks ago and she chimed in.

John Winchester - causing confusion in schoolteachers across the country - hee! And yeah, he likes to lay it on pretty thick.


Awesome outsider's POV on John and Sam here! I especially love Sammy's little growl and John's disappointed head-shake.

Thanks! I really love the idea that Sammy cannot be menacing, not when he's that freaking adorable.

That's so sad. I feel so bad for the teacher that will never see Sammy again.

Do you think you could post the whole song? I tried searching, but I couldn't find it.

Awww! Wee Sammy, and John throwing his weight around! *hearts* But I do feel kinda sorry for the teacher, a bit.

I feel for her too. She has no idea she's just pushed a very sensitive button and that John will be there looming over her.

Thanks for reading!