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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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For the Porn Battle: "Firecracker" (Burn Notice, R, Michael/Fiona)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So I wrote a tiny ficlet, partially for the Fourth Porn Battle that the lovely oxoniensis is running, and partially to hold up my end of a bargain I made with the awesome dotfic.

It's Burn Notice, het (Michael/Fiona), rated R.


It's true, what he said about her getting off on violence, but that doesn't change the fact that what gets him off is her.

Everywhere they'd gone, she'd stood out. Even here in Miami, in a sea of women with bigger tits, plumper lips, blonder hair, she crackles with an energy that catches his gaze, won't let him shake loose of her.

Firecracker, the guy sitting next to them had muttered admiringly when she'd downed her drink, bracelets flashing at her thin wrists, and then climbed on his lap and opened her mouth over his. Her hips had made a rhythm that he couldn't help but follow, and she'd guided his hands under her dress; his knuckles were rubbed raw by the tight stretch of fabric across them but his fingertips skated along her skin, warm and sheened by sweat.

He got them into a taxi without moving her too far from him, then tumbled her into his bed with the same finesse. Her tongue was never still, gasping out his name or licking across his chest, and he got his hand inside her thong when she bit down on his nipple. No blades or scars on her, but the heat of her was a weapon in its own right, made him sick and dizzy and glad, made him marvel as parts of himself - tongue, fingers, dick - got lost inside her, voracious and inexorable. She screamed like a banshee at each intrusion, slid her hands viciously across him, marking as much of him as she could. He couldn't get enough of her like that, felt like he lived for that pain.

But the way she slept hurt him more, face calm and body unmoving. He thought of rosary beads as his hand drifted up and down the knobs of her spine, and remembered all of his sins.

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Short but telling. Nice.

Excellent! Very well written. And HOT too! (fans self)

Oo, nice. A shade darker in tone than what we get to see, but really true-to-them feeling, too.

Glad to hear that - thanks!

Nice - a lot of heat in there and then a wonderfully sharp reminder of what Michael might have done in the past.

This is lovely. I'm particularly fond of the last two lines, maybe because I'm a sucker for religious references but more likely because I'm an even bigger sucker for good fic (and, for extra points, porn!) in which Michael is not reduced to Miami-style beefcake. Not that he isn't total beefcake, but. You know. He has depth, and you've incorporated that nicely.

There's very little going on in this fandom (particularly on the fanfiction front), so I sincerely hope you write more.

Of course there's more to Michael than just muscles and a great smile - what fun would he be as a protagonist if he weren't? I'm kind of surprised that this fandom hasn't kind of exploded with fic, frankly - het, slash, gen, casefiles, whatever.

Thank you very much!

Another "Brava!" from me

Getting to the party late, but still wanted to add my compliments. Great characterization in such a small fic, and very visual. love, Love, LOVE the ending - snatches you right out of the bliss of hot sex to the sober reality of their hard lives. Nice.

Write more, write longer, right now.


Re: Another "Brava!" from me

Thank you so much! I was pretty surprised at how quickly this one seemed to wrap itself up - if I knew I could do that consistently, I'd definitely be writing more for this show.

Just what I was looking for. *guh* So, so hot, both of them. And together? *GUH*

Oh very lovely! (And, you know, hot but lovely) The last paragraph particularly is beautifully done.

Ooh, thank you so much for circling back to that word! Hope you found more of what you liked at the comm!

(Deleted comment)
Hi - am just watching BurnNotice and I remembered you'd written a wee something on it. This is not only hot, but a lovely wee look at them both. I liked! Thanks again for't help today.


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