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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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SPN double drabble for tvm's birthday!
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
It's girlmostlikely's birthday today! So I wrote a gen double drabble (and if you're as big a dork as me, you'll see why it had to be a *double* drabble). Set early in season 1. Happy birthday, Ginger!

"This has got to stop."

So much for laying down the law. Dean studiously ignores him, finishes his work, and sets the blade down on top of the discarded photo strips and extra laminate.

"Dean, I mean it." He snaps the TV off, cutting off a jingle that will lodge in his brain for the next week and a half anyway.

Now Dean looks up with an eyebrow raised in challenge. "What?" He clears the mess from the table.

"Who are we this time? Laurel and Hardy? Frito and Lay?"

Dean laughs in delight. "I'd totally be Lay."

Sam doesn't even pause to roll his eyes. "You gotta stop putting names that people think of together on our IDs, Dean! 'Ford and Hamill'? You can't sell that, no one can sell –"

"We can." Dean's face is serious again, eyes downcast.

That's when Sam gets it, that Dean picks paired names because they're a pair themselves, a matching set of Winchester boys, together again. This is Dean's way of saying Stay, Sammy. I need you around.

Sam doesn't say anything, but he makes sure to turn the TV back on for Dean before he starts to get ready for bed.

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You make me tear up!

Aww, boys. *hugs them* There are a matched pair. This is wonderful.

They're like little salt and pepper shakers!

Or a dirty, comfy old pair of sneakers.

Aww, this is lovely. :-)

Of course, I understand.

Oh, Dean, and Sam getting it! I love them so much.

These boys, I tell you! They are ruining all other shows for me.

awww! Frito and Lay! Cutness. :D

I particularly enjoy Dean calling "Lay" - that's how the whole ficlet started. These two are just the best boys ever.

Awww, Dean! Awww, Sam!

Most wonderful boys in the history of ever!

Matched pair, I love it!

We have the best boys ever!


(Deleted comment)
Yay! I'm so glad you liked this! *We're* lucky to have *you* around and all your enthusiasm and joy!

Oh, this makes perfect sense! Oh, boys. *smishes them and you*

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