kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

SPN birthday drabble for sargraf

In honor of sargraf's birthday (she of spn_manlove fame), a drabble, set during "Bloody Mary." Happy birthday, sugar!

This case is getting under his skin, forcing him out of his settled pattern: protect, hunt, go on. Instead he watches Sam sleep fitfully, waking with pain and sorrow, his mouth drawn tight. He keeps a book on his lap so his eyes won’t keep sweeping over his brother, tries to find the secret that will let them out of this town. There’s no escape, because all he sees when he reads is Mary and he hears his father’s whiskey-soaked voice breaking on the name, chanting it as a litany, all of their lives caught up in a single word.
Tags: birthday, fic, supernatural, supernatural_fic_my

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