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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Fic commentaries?
dean writes
I've seen a handful of people doing commentaries on fics by request. I always think of my own writing as fairly transparent, but in case that's not quite true, I'll offer myself up for this exercise. You can request a whole fic (or several) or just a scene, a phrase, anything. The list of my stuff in this fandom is here: anything there is fair game.

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Oopsie. Deleted my last comment 'cause I'm an idiot after drinking a bottle of red wine *cough*. Anyways, I'd like to hear about Chimera. Ken is so rational in his insanity I'm curious how you got him there.

Hi! Would you like a full commentary on the whole story, or just a few paragraphs explaining where Ken came from? Either way is fine - I just want to make sure I'm answering the question you're actually asking.

Thanks for playing!

I'd love an explanation of where Ken came from if that's okay. His perspective is unique. In a freak me out totally rational insane kinda way.


(If I haven't answered your questions, just poke me and I'll try again.)

Have you done any commentary for 'Lacuna'?

Nope. Would you like one? Specific questions or just a general one?

I don't think I have any specific questions, really.

General commentaries are always great too :)

I will get cracking on this, and hope to have it up by the weekend. You'll be sorry you asked for something general, because I can ramble like nobody's business.

You can ramble all you want on that one, my little friend. I will eat it up with a spoon, lick the bowl and probably ask for seconds.


Hey - I don't have a specific fic I have a question about. However, can I ask about your writing process in general - you plan out everything before you write a word? I know you finish one section perfectly before you go onto the next because I think you said that sometime. Do you revise at the end...do you think of a plot idea or character first... you know, all those kind of writerly questions. I'm always interested in process.

(If it's easier I could pick a fic - say your halloween fic - and ask about the process of writing that, but it's more general I wondered about).

hope the house hunt's going well!

I actually just did one for "Chimera," but I don't think it was geared toward answering the questions you're asking. If you could pick another fic, I'd be happy to try; it would be easier for me to start specific (one particular fic) and then go general.

How about Field Trip? Either that or Vocabulary - or if you have one that's easy for you to think about in those general terms, have at it, I'm sure it'll be interesting. Thanks hon.

I'll do "Vocabulary" - "Field Trip" was written to a prompt, and that throws things off a bit. I'll try to have it up by the weekend.

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