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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Article and a few questions (SPN, of course)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Just in time for tonight, a non-spoilery interview with Tricia Helfer regarding the new ep .

And a few quick questions. You know that picture of Jensen in the baseball cap and Jared wearing pigtails? Is the guy gesturing in that photo as if he's directing the boys the same guy who plays Jimmy on Rescue Me? Or am I crazy?

And also, I'm going to be posting a story sometime in the coming months that has three POVs. What would be easiest to read - alternating colors, like I did with Field Trip, or each narrator's name at the top of the section?

Ooh! And a new Ben and Dean scene coming by Monday! Promise!

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OH gods. Colors? Please no. Please, please no.
And unless the pov is first person, it should be pretty obvious who's pov we're getting right off, don't you think?

*hides from colors*
*waits for spn*

Okay, no colors! It's the final version of my mini-NaNo that I'm talking about - the one with Kathleen, Sam, and John POVs.

Three more hours!!

Ooh! And a new Ben and Dean scene coming by Monday! Promise!


Also, I vote for just putting the narrator's name at the top. If somebody were to, say, copy the text of your story and paste it into something like a PDA that doesn't allow fancy formatting, the POV change information would be totally lost if you did it just with colors.

If you want, I think the POV character's name in italics is just fine. I get a headache when I try to read different colored text.

Narrator's name in italics works fine for me.

Ben & Dean \o/

I think either would work - narrator's name at top of section makes it very clear?

and yay to Ben/Dean .

The voting is against colors, so I'll go with what people want. And yay!

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