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So my new hard drive decided to erase my entire Supernatural folder. I lost 25 gigs of stuff and I can't get it back.

If you've got any of this stuff and are willing to share, I would be most appreciative. Even pointing me to places where downloads are still available would be huge. I know this is not a tragedy, but it's shitty and I'd love some help.

I lost:

(1) All my S1 eps, though I believe my darling janissa11 might have that covered.
(2) All my Jensen pics. That means no more of all of his delicious and dorky faces. Candids, photoshoots, the works.
(3) All my interview clips. Like the one where someone asks Jensen about the Impala and Jared takes over and they are unbelievably precious together. Or the one from Paley where they talk about brains and beauty and age. Or the TV Guide/Megan Mullally/etc clips where Jensen talks about being suspended for kissing and how Dean gets to speak Latin.
(4) All my clips of Jensen in other roles. The loss of the kimono dance haunts me.
(5) All my clips of "extras" from Jensen's other roles - the DA gag reel, the Smallville deleted scenes. I need to see him burst into giggles.
(6) All of the season 1 DVD extras - Paley, gag reel, Day in the Life. Do you see how sad this is?
(7) All the things I once upon a time uploaded for other people, like the Still Life pilot and my own vids (3 credit sequences and "Feeling Good").
(8) All my music vids.

So. If you can help, please do. Thanks so much, you guys! (Also, if you would rather email than link in a comment, you can get me at inniedarling AT gmail DOT com.)

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