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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Please help!
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
I was just going through my new external hard drive, trying to figure out which pics/vids to save, which to delete. And suddenly, all of my SPN stuff is gone. 25 gigs of stuff. Is there any way I can recover the files? Please help if you're at all able! None of the non-SPN stuff has been touched.

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I've never used Recuva, but it's the same people who make CCleaner, which is excellent. Best of luck.


That program didn't work, but thank you so much for offering some help!

OMFG! Seriously?
I really want to help, but I'm utterly clueless on technology.

Hope you find someone who knows how!
*prays along with you*

Yeah, seriously. And none of the recovery programs I ran helped.

So I put out a call for help.

Thanks for your kind wishes!

Have you tried that thing where you reset your computer to a previous date? A date in which your hd had all the spn stuff? I have no clue if it works for the external stuff, too, but it might.

Could you have possibly, accidentally moved or renamed that stuff? Shoved it into a file it shouldn't be in, something like that?

Good luck!

Haven't tried that, but I seem to be getting what I need for the most part, so I'm not going to try to grow a brain and figure out how to do that this late in the game.

I ran the recovery software *and* did a few searches and the stuff is just gone as if it had never been there. Grrr.

Thanks for your help!

Do you know what changed? Did it spontaneously disappear, or do recall deleting things?

I'm guessing that the hard drive shows an extra 25gb free, and that you've already done searches to make sure the folder didn't get dragged into another folder.

Here is a short list of free undelete software utilities from CNET. Maybe one of them will help.

Gmail me if you want to troubleshoot.

Yup, tried everything, searched for the files, thinking maybe they'd been moved, but no luck. However, people have very generously been offering to replace what I lost, so I think I'll just take what they're giving and not pretend that I have any technical know-how.

Thank you so much for your offer!

I can help with that, too. Let me know if you have trouble finding a source for something.

Will do, honey! Thanks so much!

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