kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

No friend like a sister

Hi, everybody!

Usually, I ignore Valentine's Day, but people have been posting such lovely things - picspams and fic and good wishes - that I thought I'd get in on the action, though I am coming to it sideways - sharing a favorite poem.

I've thought and written about this poem so much that I'm always surprised that I can still enjoy it so purely. More often, once I've analyzed a poem, broken it down, I find it hard to recapture that feeling of simple, pure delight, but somehow this poem bucked the trend. It's lovely, and haunting, and it's so intelligent (I'll spare you all chapter two of my dissertation, though you're free to read it at the Library of Congress if you're bored out of your mind one day). Also incredibly sexy (it has been illustrated by several artists who produce erotic art, and Playboy illustrated it as well).

And I always thought that this would be my favorite example of sibling love ever. Until those Winchesters came along. Tie? So now "Goblin Market" has to share the title, though it still wins the "best sisters" award.

Enjoy, and happy Valentine's Day!

Christina Rossetti's poem, with the Housman and D. G. Rossetti illustrations
Tags: real_life, supernatural

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