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only a year?

Hi everybody!

So, today is my first lj-anniversary. I really, really cannot believe it's only been one year. And it really has been about a year, since I posted my first story the next day and so many of you took the time to comment and make me feel totally welcome.

And boy, did I need it. I was new to Supernatural, sure (I'd only seen "Faith" and "Asylum" and clips of the pilot), but I was new to online fandom in general (having only been on TWoP for Arrested Development and Veronica Mars). I actually had no idea what livejournal was until someone read my one and only Firefly story and mentioned that she'd rec it on her lj, and that led to a whole big Q&A that culminated in this journal. Let's not even get into the fact that I had no idea you could slash characters presented as at least nominally straight onscreen. NEWBIE!

Anyway, I do want to say thank you all for making this year such a fun time. I've met so many wonderful people, read so much fic, and gotten to squee over a show that has come to represent a lot of great things for me.

So I leave you with a drabble I wrote for mcee's default-icon drabble challenge and my thanks once again for keeping the walls of this fandom elastic and letting me in when I knocked.

Dean can say what he likes about "puppydog eyes" and "widdle baby bwuthers"; Sam sees Dean light up like a puppy on crack every time Dean sees him, safe and sound and right there.

Here, right now, in front of God and man and the entire police department, he's doing it again, so far from smooth that there are no words sufficient to describe how lit up he is. He's pretty much glowing like a neon sign.

He kind of wants to pet Dean's head, maybe scratch him behind the ears, but he likes having two hands, so he refrains.
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