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A question, a fantasy, a promise - All SPN!

Hi, everybody!

I have one quick question about "Playthings": Sam very clearly says that Ava was taken by the Demon, right? Why does he assume that Ava is an innocent victim? Throughout "Simon Said," he was convinced that Andy was a killer, even though the one time Andy actually killed someone, it was in defense of others. And Sam's made it clear that his fear is that the Demon will make all the kids with powers into killers. So why doesn't he think that the Demon pushed Ava into slicing up her fiancé? Seriously, this has been bugging me, so please help me make sense of it.

And, in a shocking turn of events, I learned that work does not have to be a joyless place all the time. I let one of the girls I work with borrow my copy of the BBC version of North and South, telling her that Richard Armitage's John Thornton had replaced Colin Firth as my go-to guy for TV literary adaptations. We then started talking about the different versions of Pride and Prejudice, and agreed that the casting of Bingley is always a stumbling block. Two giddy English majors geeking out, we came to the realization that Bingley should be straightforwardly hot, jock-hot, and that Darcy should be intriguing rather than hot. But the Bingleys we've seen tend to be sort of goofy rather than charming, dumb rather than appealingly physical. So we decided to cast it ourselves. After failing to come up with age-appropriate actors for an embarrassingly long time, I had an epiphany and decided that Jared should be Bingley and Jensen should be Darcy. Jared's size and enthusiasm and easy charm! Jensen's reserve and shyness! This could work, people!

And lastly, a promise. I have something (two somethings, actually, one good and one not) going on in real life that means I'm not going to be writing again until March. I will be finishing my mini-NaNo, writing several more BEN AND DEAN scenes (thank you to everyone who participated in my poll!), and also starting a long AU once I'm free to write again.
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