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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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BEN AND DEAN: the poll
dean loves ben
I had three fics with deadlines that I was stressing over. One is posted and the other two are with the betas! Whee!

I've been thinking a lot about the next BEN AND DEAN scenes, and had a couple of conversations with people that made me curious about what people are responding to. So, if you wouldn't mind indulging me, I present BEN AND DEAN: the poll.

Poll #903887 BEN AND DEAN: the poll

What kinks or interests of yours do the B&D scenes cater to?

domestic fic
they look A LOT alike
good old slash
Ben is what Dean might have been
mutual trust
dumbass! there's more to them than this! (tell me what in a comment, please)

Would you like to see the supernatural affect the lives of B&D more directly ("onscreen")?


Should Sam find out?

He should suspect Dean's seeing someone
He should know Dean's seeing someone
He should know Dean's in a relationship with a man
He should know that Dean's with Ben

Should John find out?

He doesn't ever have a clue
He realizes Dean's stopped sleeping around
He thinks that Dean goes to Boston an awful lot these days
He thinks Dean's in a lasting relationship
He knows Dean's in a lasting relationship with a man

Thanks, everybody!

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Thanks for playing and thanks for cheering me on!

Heart of hearts: Sam MUST find out about BEN AND DEAN. He must. Otherwise there is truly no justice in the universe.

John....I want him to suspect, but not sure I want him to KNOW. You know? But.

Ahem. Not that you don't already know this. Anyway.

You are ridiculously good to me. I'll see what happens once I actually start writing.

I clicked ALL of them on Sam Must Find Out, because Sam must find out, but I want him to go through all those steps. In that order. *g*

Ma'am! Yes, ma'am!

Will do my best to oblige. Still haven't figured out how exactly I want all this to work, but it's interesting to hear what everyone expects.


I think Sam needs to work at it before he finds out, because I'm worried that he's going to react badly (freak out) and upset both Dean and Ben. They've both had to overcome their demons with Ben having been with Sam first. But I think he needs to find out.

But y'know, anything that gets more Ben and Dean written. I'm easy.

Easy, huh? Whee!

I agree. Ben and Dean have figured out (or maybe are figuring out) how to make this work between them, and no matter how Sam behaves, he's going to upset that balance. They're all going to have to be careful.

Totally agree with ignipes on the Sam Must Find Out, because he needs to, totally.

And I really couldn't choose with the supernatual question. I'd take my choosing all three as more of a flailing-"OMG! I don't know! Ticky boxes!" type of response than anything else.

Also? Ben/Dean = happy happy universe! Whee!

Awww, thanks!

The supernatural question - I have an idea about how to do it, but I wasn't sure if people read the scenes precisely because they're NOT about the hunt, but just about those quiet little moments.

DUDE. There needs to be a scene with Ben, Dean, and Sam. Just one. Then I would be happy forever.

Holy awkward silences, Batman!!!

Just to clarify: A Ben, Dean, and Sam scene were SAM KNOWS.

OMG, he comes across them in a bar. And they're all cuddly and PDA and he walks up slowly with a beer, staring at them both and everyone's like... "Hi. Um."

God, can you *imagine* Sam at that moment? I mean, he equates Dean with Ben, right? So what are the two of them together? Narcissism? Masturbation?

I'm hoping that seeing Ben and Dean together will get Sam to realize that Ben is not actually Dean, and that Ben was always his own person, no matter how Sam saw him.

This could get very interesting.

Oh, totally. And the effect that would have on Sam... no, Sam, you're not sick or subconsciously lusting after your brother.

Well, who am I to deny eternal happiness? Let me just figure out how to do it, and then I'll write it.

Eeeeeeee, so... about Sam finding out... that's something that's kind of the elephant in the room whenever I read about these two, so I do want a resolution... but at the same time, I love Ben and Dean's happy, easy adoration for each other, and I'm afraid of what that could do to it. So I'm all nervous about it, but I'm sure I'll adore whatever you decide to do. :)

See, here's the thing. I'm in exactly the same boat you're in. I love the way B&D are together, but I'm always aware that sooner or later, Sam will have to enter the picture. I just don't know how he'll do it. Eeeeek!

Hee to self serving poll. I'm always doing self serving polls. That's what LJs are for. And it's interesting to see what people answer. So I couldn't decide if Sam should find out. If so I'd say not for a while... and after much suspicion, hee! Because that feels like...a climax, because it might lead to Dean knowing Ben was with Sam and then what would Ben do, and I feel like this is building...anyway, I hope that makes sense. My brain doesn't function these days.

And I like them because they're quiet non hunty moments. Aftermath of a hunt (Ben patching Dean up, like when he met) is cool but otherwise I think it's good for Dean to have that *respite*

Yay self-serving polls!

I agree that I like the quietness, but I like that the peace is not the result of ignorance, you know? I think if anything supernatural comes up, it will take them both by surprise, as will their reactions to it.

Sam will have to be part of this world, but I want a few more scenes of just the two of the boys first, I think. A little extra love before things get messy again.

Ps two fics with betas how exciting.

The deadlines are kind of far away, but I've got a HUGE real-life deadline coming up, and I didn't want to give myself any excuses to procrastinate. So all fics are cleared out of the way. I would still like to finish mini-NaNo (it IS all plotted out), but that should keep.

Another RL deadline? Your work is too busy! Hurrah that you got them done.

I picked all the answers to Should Sam find out? 'cause I think it would start at the top and progress to the bottom and if you're planning on writing lots more of this I would totally love to see that happen on screen. And hopefully with lots of pushy questioning Sam like in Route 666, yes. :)

Oh, Sam in "Route 666" is a thing of beauty. Don't know if I could match that.

I would like Sam to go through all of these things, but I'm not sure how much I can actually manage, given that all of the scenes have been Ben's POV, and I think I'd like to stick to that. Hmmm. Must consider more.

I just kind of wanted to get a sense of what people were expecting, here; this has been really very eye-opening.

Sam should totally find out. Some interesting options already pointed out. So, does Sam find out but Ben and Dean don't know he knows? Does Sam has some time to come to terms with what he knows before he runs into Ben and Dean?

As for John, hmmm, I'd like to think John would suspect Dean's in a relationship by the positive changes he notices in his son. Steadier, calmer, and happy! That Dean's finally found a stability that John was never able to fully give.

And if his suspicions were confirmed? I don't think John would be surprised that it's a male. 'Cause hello! Super research guy who can track a demon via obscure seemingly non connected events. John's a guy who has keen observation skills, and I don't doubt for a minute that those skills have been honed to perfection regarding his sons.

You raise a really interesting point about John knowing/seeing a lot, even if he doesn't always act on it. Hmmm.

The problem with the way I structured this poll is that I didn't make it clear that the scenes are going to stay in Ben's POV, so a lot of this stuff might have to be fudged or done very subtly. You know? I lose at poll-making. But thanks for playing!

Heh. I like playing. Y'know, Ben could simply ask Dean. Does your Dad know? At which point Dean could admit his chances of keeping a secret from John are doomed to failure.

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