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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Fic updates . . . and Sam/Lyla
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
I was emailing a friend this morning, explaining how long I'd be away for the holidays and she wrote back "SIX DAYS?" That kind of jolted me into an awareness of how much time I'd be taking off from the mini-NaNo story. I apologize in advance and I'm trying to write as quickly as possible and post more than a day's worth of words. I don't think I'll be quitting this story, but it might not wrap up in December.

I am STILL unable to find a way into the long AU fic I've been wanting to write for months now. And the next BEN AND DEAN scene is still simply fragments in my head - nothing coherent.

So all that's coming up for me is more mini-NaNo and the spn_vday fic. I've already decided that the girl Sam escorts to the prom will be named Krista and she's played in my head by Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights, because the idea of Sam and Lyla together just makes sense to me. Sam would never go for Tyra, I feel it in my bones.

Anyway, I hope to have more written soon!

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You're joining in spn_vday? Ah cool. I've kinda missed all that (I start my trip over Valentine's day so won't be around LJ, and for some reason couldnt think of any prompts).

Intrigued to see your long AU but sorry you can't get into it. Could you start a little way in and go back? (I hate doing that, but maybe writing a bit - any bit - would jolt you?).

Gosh you have lots planned though. I have ficlets then a big NOTHING. HEE.

Well, I wasn't going to, but I ended up submitting prompts (one of which was claimed!) and while scrolling down the list, I saw one that I thought I could handle. It's het, pre-series, not necessarily too graphic (Sam and the girl are both supposed to be in high school). It's funny - I cannot write Sam slash because I firmly believe that he's straight and the relationship with Ben really was because he was missing Dean so desperately. And I simply cannot slash Dean with anyone except Ben. So right there, that disqualified me from taking most of the prompts.

As for the AU, I wrote a tiny John-POV paragraph that I really love, but that didn't help, because the rest of it won't be in his POV. It will have to be Dean, Sam, alternating, or 3rd person omniscient, but until I can figure out which one, I just can't write.

Oh, all this fic planning is just to distract me from my sad little life. You're going on an amazing trip!

It's so funny, and interesting re seeing boys as straight or not. Because show wise, I think both boys are painted as straight, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying reading slash/wincest. If that makes any sense whatever. Like, although canon doesn't say so, I can believe some fanon that does. And I have my opinions about how likely they are to experiment with men. Anyway, most of the prompts were wincesty so I felt funny giving non wincesty ones, as I couldn't think of anything good and ...all my intentions to leave some ran away. Interested to see what you do with Sam going to the prom!

Sorry you are having trouble with your prompt.

Ah I enjoy writing though, especially as I've done so much of it this last year. It'd feel weird to do none. And I blatantly will write - all those bus rides - but not as much. And I think maybe a wee break or writing less will be good. Lately I feel like I've been meeting one challenge or birthday prompt after another. While some stuff (like the John Christmas fic you beta'd) I end up fairly pleased with, other stuff has felt like a struggle.

Gosh I ramble. And hee, it doesn't seem to me like you fic plan to distract yourself from your life ;) You seem like someone who has to write...? I am a mixture I think...

Have a great Christmas if I don't get the chance to say.

I agre that canon presents the boys as straight, but even when I'm deviating from canon I can't slash either one of them with anyone but Ben. It goes back to my whole concern about all of my stories making sense with one another. It's weird and kind of pointless, but I can't escape it.

Happy holidays to you too!

You don't think that Tyra is a younger Jess?

Not at all. Tyra seems almost unable to communicate except with snark or sex. That's not my idea of Jess. She might have been snarky and sexy, but there was something more to her. Tyra doesn't recognize that in herself yet.

Seriously, though, don't Sam and Lyla make a pretty pair?

It's Xmas. I'll think we'll all forgive you for time away from mini-nano. Best wishes to you and yours.

PS: Read Ben and Dean sentence incorrectly and found myself nodding going,"Yeah. They send me incoherent too." I'm a dag!

Same to you, sugar! Thanks!

Heeeeeeeee! They make me crazy with lust and joyous and happy. And incoherent.

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