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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Supernatural Randomosity
black and white and hot all over
Hi everybody!

(1) GLORY HALLELUJAH the first round of the PROJECT OF DOOOOOOOOOM is done at work! December will be busy, as all the ancillary docs need to be brought into line, but I will no longer be at work or on call 24/7 like I've been all November. The other newsletter girls (let's give a cheer for them, shall we?) will no longer have to cover my ass. And I missed all of you.

(2) I had a dream Friday night that Dean and Inara grew up together as (mostly) platonic best friends. WTF, brain? Inara is my third least-favorite character. I never really liked Book - thought the character was a good idea but poorly executed. And I always hated Simon. I don't know why - I'm a sucker for sibling relationships, and especially so for brother and sister pairings. But Simon just grated on me from the beginning, and there was never a moment that I genuinely liked him. Whatever. My main complaint about Inara was that she's boring. I just never got much of a read off her. I've only written one Firefly fic ("Phyxius"), and it's telling that Inara was the one for whom I had to invent the most dramatic backstory. Anyway, Dean and Inara were wee little urchins - servants in some wealthy family's house - and they totally bonded and were BFF and slept together every once in a while. It was a good dream. Maybe if I could watch more of Still Life, I'd be satisfied. Or maybe I'll write it up one of these days.

(3) I've fallen totally in love with the idea (kick-started by janissa11 one fine day) for my next big Supernatural story. If I could figure out the structure of the piece and the proper POVs, I'd be writing it already and wallowing in the idea of John as a newly single dad and the boys as wee little bits.

(4) Does anyone else get like this? Feel like once you've written a story, you just can't go back to the same scenario - something just won't let you? I feel like I couldn't write anymore Dean/Cassie or Stanford-Sam (or Sam/Jess) without disrupting the stories I already wrote. I think it's totally irrational and stupid, and yet you'd be hard-pressed to find a better description of me. Am I alone on this?

(5) A number of people have commented that my stories are hard to find. I thought my lj tags were very transparent - just click on the "supernatural_fic_my" tag if you want to find my stuff for this fandom. I use the memories feature to save my favorite stories that OTHER people have written. But enough people have made this comment that I'm thinking of making a post listing my fics. Thoughts?

(6) I haven't written anything in so long. That seems like a lie, but it's really not. As Inigo would say, lemme splain. "Devil in a Yellow Dress," my first and last crackfic, was something I'd been considering since I watched "Devil's Trap" - you can see the germ for it in my ep review. "Sugar" surprised me in that it just came pouring out - start to finish about two or three hours. I had spent about a week trying to figure out the proper starting point for it, but once I realized it wasn't going to be just porn, that Linzie was demanding that her side of the story be told, it just happened. And that's very weird for me, since I agonize over every single word usually. And scene four feels like it doesn't count because I'm ALWAYS thinking about BEN AND DEAN and it doesn't really feel like ME writing - it feels like I'm getting scenes revealed to me and then I just transcribe them. I don't know how else to explain it.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I am absolutely chomping at the bit to write again. So I think I'm going to make December my mini-NaNo month. I've got an idea for a long and plotty story - or rather, I have the beginning and some of the middle, and I need to do some research and see where the story takes me. All I know right now is that like "Sita," it will start after "Devil's Trap." I have no idea how long the story will end up having to be, but I'm going to try to write and post a thousand words a day and see where that gets me. So here are my two questions for you. (a) For anyone else who missed out on NaNo - anyone want to join me in this silly endeavor? Daily updates to a single fic? A ludicrous word-count goal? Anybody? (b) For everyone still reading this post, how should I do this? I was planning to just post the daily snippets here (each behind an lj cut, of course) and then, if I don't fizzle out, rework the whole thing into a coherent fic and post that at the end. Should I create a special filter (HOW do I create a filter?) for people who're actually interested in keeping up with this madness? I don't really want to bother setting up another lj, since this is a smaller undertaking than real NaNo. Tell me what you would find least annoying, please. Ooh! Anyone have one of those word-count bars handy?


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You know, I'd probably eat ants for more Dean/Ben. Fire ants!

Hey! I had no idea you were reading these egregious pieces of self-indulgence; I'm so glad you're enjoying them!

No need for ants of any flavor. The next scene has to come clear in my head, but it will most likely involve Ben and Dean each coming to terms with the Sam connection, Ben's parents and sister, and perhaps Dean's birthday.

Gosh crikey, lots to say!! Okay.

1.Hurrah to end of Project of Doom. I know what busy work is like - no fun - so I am glad it is over for you.

2. I think Dean/Inara would be hot...

3. What's the idea? Very wee boys? CUUUUUUUUUUTe.

4. Yes totally. Like they all exist in one big universe in my head, and I cannot possibly contradict myself. Although I am sure I have probably, in tiny details. But I know what you mean! Like if you write Dean loses his virginity one way, that's how it happened. Or say, how Dean got his necklace for me, that's how it happened and SO THERE. *cough*

5. Hmm I think your fics are easy to find, but I don't think a post listing your fic can hurt?

6. I would totally join you for a mini nano because it seems a fab idea, although I fear a) I have no idea idea worthy of it - unless I did non SN - and b) I'd end up just catching up at weekends. It's tempting tho'. Now - you would do a filter by creating a friends list, and putting those people on it who expressed an interest, then whenever you posted, you pick custom friends list - and the list in question - and you lock it just to those people. If that makes sense?

And hugs to you.

Yay, yup, whee, YES, gotcha - for #1-5.

(6) Ooh! Please do join me! If you've got a non-SPN idea, that's great, but you could always write a longish SPN fic (doesn't have to be 1000 words/day), perhaps a Petra fic?

I kinda think I'm Petra'd out at the mo (small pieces notwithstanding) but I'll have a looksee through my SN ideas, see what might be long!! :) Would be fun to join you. I could even do a ficlet a day for the whole month or summat, I've been asked for a few ;)

You're not alone. I don't feel like I can write any more Faith/Dean...or at least not any that contradicts my Glimpses fanon. That's not always the case, but yeah, sometimes I feel like I *said* what I needed to say or else I just convinced myself of it or something.

And as for weird dreams, last night I dreamt that Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) was my uncle and his girlfriend (who was one of Rory's new friends on GG) wouldn't stop trying to fuck me. WTF?

Oh, that's so good to hear! I feel like it just won't make sense if I'm not consistent, or if I try to cover in detail something I've previously glossed over.

That IS a weird dream. End-of-semester stress?

(2) As soon as you said Dean and Inara I was thinking of Still Life and then you've actually seen it. Jensen and Morena is just so much hotness. Too bad there's not more (it's just the pilot though, right?).

(∞) I concur.

All I've ever seen of Still Life is the pilot - if more was leaked, then I missed out.

Hee! Who doesn't concur, baby?

*gasps and clutches Simon to chest*

It really makes no sense, but I'm like that - irrational likes and dislikes. I do love your icon, though.

concerning (4). it's happening to me in spn. i can't alter my own canon. whereas back in lotrips, i did it DAILY.

probably a rps vs. characters thing. hm. (but then i did it a lot with buffy too. I DON'T KNOW.)

Ha! Oh, these Winchester boys mess EVERYTHING up!

5. Well, it's probably just me, but if I have to figure out which tag to use and scroll through tagged entries -- many of which, like this one, don't actually contain any fic at all -- to find somebody's stories, I won't bother. A list with summaries is so much more convenient for people who are both looking for a specific story but maybe can't remember the name or just browsing to see what else you've written.

Just my two cents. People are lazy; the more scrolling back or searching around they have to do, the less likely they are to go through the trouble. :)

That's a very good point. Hmmm. I'll try to make a post soon. And thanks for answering my nosy, nosy email!

Welcome back! A long, plotty fic from you sounds like an excellent idea.


I'm waiiiiting....*G*

If you create a filter for this, put me on it, okay?

Hee! The fic would start 12/1 and go throughout December, until I crash and burn. I don't think I will be creating a filter, since no one seems bothered by the idea of having to skip an lj-cut entry once a day.

And I have to tell you I reread "I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been" for the bajillionth time and I love it more every time. It's such a lovely story.

Sounds like a good plan.

In November I did an unofficial half-nano and might ALMOST make my 25k goal (a long fic in a fandom not SPN plus all my SPN fic this month all counts.) It's looking like 20k for the month unless a miracle happens and I get a sudden burst of productivity this week.

I reread "I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been" for the bajillionth time and I love it more every time.

Aww, sweetie. Thank you. :D

I read something about you wanting to write again. Well no I did not read your post because I was looking for you link to write you about something else. Anyway, here is the thing; we have a fan fiction contest over at my forum. I was thinking/hoping/praying that you would enter: because I so want you to do a follow up to Lacuna. And see this contest is for that very thing. Write a remake of the script to Route 666, or write your own version or well shoot her are the rules at this link The Link is HERE

So hun please consider :)
If not do you know someone who will tackle the challenge, let me know.

Sorry! There's no Dean/Cassie in my immediate future - I'm all tied up with three ongoing projects. Good luck with your challenge!

oh well thanks for responding


Word Counter thingy: http://www.juohchofiles.com/fuda_100/index.php

(4) Yes, I do. Especially if it's a fic I'm particularly fond of, I almost feel like I'm undoing (?) whatever occurred in that fic. I don't know if that makes sense.

(6) I'm so tempted to try. I've had writers block for months, and it actually hurts not to write but I just can't get started.

re: your last paragraph, I can't imagine anyone being bothered by you posting but if you do filter, I'd like to be included so I can read what you're doing. =)

Thanks for the counter - what I was really looking for was one of those percentage-calculating ones, but all the ones I've seen seem to be based on 50,000 words as the goal. Oh well.

I almost feel like I'm undoing (?) whatever occurred in that fic. Yes, that's exactly it! Like the story that came before somehow gets demoted to rough draft status if you do the same work with different words.

I'm so tempted to try. I've had writers block for months, and it actually hurts not to write but I just can't get started. Oh, please join us! Where are you getting stuck? Lack of ideas? Lack of long-fic ideas? If it's the latter, maybe you should challenge yourself to write a drabble a day or something like that. And if it's the former, you could try to find comms that have prompt lists (like spn_halloween or spn_flashback and see if anything jumps out at you as a story you'd like to write. Good luck!

I ended up not doing a filter, so the first two days of my mini-NaNo are up on this journal.

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