kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

I am so spoiled

You guys! I had a marvelous birthday, full of good news and bad news; there were surprises and food and lots of good wishes. I can't believe I hadn't known any of you before the end of January. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes (from too many people to name - I live in fear that if I try to list them, I'll skip one and spread sadness instead of joy), the birthday fic, the birthday cards, and the birthday lj present. I just. Honestly, I haven't been that good a girl. You guys must just be exceptional human beings.

In any case, you made me feel loved, and you should know the feeling is mutual. Thank you so much for making my day so special!

p.s. - To everyone who asked if there would be more BEN AND DEAN, the answer is an unqualified YES. You should see the length of the list of phrases, images, and scenes I've got going for these two. I'm finishing up a story for the Halloween challenge and I've got a very big AU fic percolating, but the beauty of BEN AND DEAN is that when the mood hits me, they're right there, waiting to be porned or smooshed or whatevered. (And I think the big thing for scene four will probably be the revelation that Dean is Sam's brother and that Ben was in love with Sam. Just remember, OTP - they're going to stay happy and together.)
Tags: birthday, fic, otp, real_life, sunshine state, supernatural, supernatural_fic_my

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