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Hi, everybody!

I should start by saying that I won't be crossposting to lj after this post; why bother when I have this lovely dw account doing all the heavy lifting anyway?

How are you guys? I haven't talked much online for some time. Some of that is just life getting in the way - health issues and being unemployed again. I got laid off at the end of March and have been fairly depressed about being on the job market again. I know I should keep my chin up, but job-hunting is genuinely the worst thing I personally have ever had to do.

I haven't really been writing very much either. My whole team got laid off, and we were super busy up to the last minute, and I've sort of collapsed in exhaustion after that. I've been watching a lot of TV and reading a lot of books. The extent of my focus has been to track down and (re)watch as much as I can of my darling Rufus Sewell, who has been in my dreamboat hall of fame since Cold Comfort Farm. First it was Victoria, which reignited that fire in the first place, and then it was CCF, Zen, Middlemarch, and The Taming of the Shrew. He is absolutely lovely in all of those. I've kind of started taking notes to write in some of these fandoms, so that my WiP folder has stuff for Middlemarch, Cold Comfort Farm, and Victoria, as well as the long-gestating Steve+/Bucky story in which Steve has been in love with Bucky from the beginning, and Bucky has never thought of Steve that way (original, I know). I really do want to write all of these stories, so don't let me make any excuses!

And then today I felt pretty damn depressed, and I cheered myself up by making a vid for one of my favorite shows - Zen. It's a BBC production from 2011, three ninety-minute episodes with Rufus as a detective in Rome, looking absolutely splendid. Aurelio Zen is such a fantastic character; he's sneaky and funny and gorgeous and romantic and intelligent and plodding and wary all at once. Here's the vid:

Aurelio Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy from Innie Darling on Vimeo.

So that's what's up with me. Come chat if you're feeling up to it!

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