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Hi, everybody!

So, caught in the grip of the delusion that I'd be more productive (and get at least one of my five WiPs done) if I had a deadline toward which to work, last night I signed up for the Stucky Big Bang. I've got the idea - and about 1300 words - so I'm hoping this will prove to be the nudge I need. Not gonna lie, the thought of seeing an illustration of Bucky and the family I'm picturing for him plus Steve and Sarah is MIGHTY inspiring.

Perhaps there should be a small-fandom big bang that would enable me to get my butt in gear on my Selfie AU, which is currently idling at 10K words. Plus I have pages of notes for a Kings long fic (featuring Jack, of course), ideas for a Maureen-PoV Ricki and the Flash fic, and that Sherlock fic I posted half of. Now that Yuletide is over, I actually have the writing time to tackle some of these, so I'm not really sure why I'm dragging my feet.

Meanwhile, I saw an amazing play - Marjorie Prime - the other night and saw in the program notes that they're making a film of it with the same star, Lois Smith. (She was phenomenal, as were Stephen Root and Lisa Emery. The one with the least to do was Noah Bean, who was still quite good, playing Walter Prime.) As I was heading home, I started dream-casting the movie. I'd keep Stephen Root as Jon. I'd like to see Vera Farmiga take on the role of Tess, and I want to see what Sebastian Stan could make of the role of Walter Prime. However, when I got home, I looked up the project on IMDb and saw that Jon Hamm, who's at least fifteen years too old for the role (based on the play's casting; I haven't read the script) will be playing Walter Prime, which dashed my hopes. And then I started thinking more widely about dream-casting, which I do every so often.

I want to see Sebastian Stan play Septimus Hodge, either on stage or in a filmed version of the splendid Arcadia. I know I mentioned at some point that I think Martin Freeman should play Cyrano de Bergerac (with a good, lusty translation). And I recall saying that Óscar Jaenada would make a splendid Maxim de Winter. I know people keep mentioning John Cho as an ideal Mr. Darcy, but we've had so many Pride and Prejudices, and we've had such good versions of Northanger Abbey (lbr, the only Austen hero I'm actually in love with is Henry Tilney, novel-reader, affectionate brother, and world-class banterer) and North and South recently that I don't feel the need to recast them. So, maybe Austen light - as in, Georgette Heyer? Cho would be great in The Corinthian, which is basically a Regency-era It Happened One Night, so he could be not only the dashing hero but also the exasperated foil to a plucky, whackadoodle dame!

Oh, I had a bunch more of these that are now slipping my mind, so I'll leave you with those four and ask which favorite actors you'd like to see playing which favorite roles. Also, how are you all doing?

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