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Hi, everybody!

So I went with my little brother to India and, as usual, was rampantly, grossly sick the entire time. Traveling - particularly to India - just does not agree with me. SOP is that going to India involves staying with various family members and doing very little sightseeing (we ourselves, as the American babies, become the sight for our family to see). So I don't have a lot of pictures to share because they're mostly of family. We did time our trip to be there during Diwali, which we've never managed before, though we were in Bangalore for most of it, and Bangalore experienced torrential rains; it looks like Mumbai would have been the place to be, if the after-the-fact lights we saw and the consistent noise of crackers going off were any indication. We did a one-day trip to Mysore, which was the extent of our touristy stuff, but even that was mostly about family connections. On the plus side, everyone was so worried about my health that there was a conspicuous lack of "why aren't you married!?!" happening. Small mercies. Perhaps my last strategy, which was to tell them earnestly that I hoped to live and die as a single woman was effective.

So here's the only picture I'm up for sharing - it's me with jasmine in my hair. (There are some experiences that are so lovely and fundamental that I can't imagine myself without having had them, and wearing jasmine in my hair and smelling that clean, fresh, sweet scent with every movement is one of them. I wish it for all of you.)

Anyway, I'm back now, still sick from the trip and sick in a whole new way from being back (it looks like I might have caught something respiratory from my office-mate). Hopefully I won't have to go back any time soon - maybe the family can come visit me here instead.

Enough about that - how are all of you?

ps - grrrr, Yuletide. SO MUCH I want to write, so hard to stay awake and actually get it done!

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