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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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somewhere over the weekend
quintessential, wear you like a jewel, winter soldier, bucky barnes
Hi, everybody!

I am going to sign up for Yuletide this weekend, without fail, this I vow. I just need to figure out what I want and what I could actually write for someone else. A few of the letters I've seen have been particularly inspiring, so I think I already have a few treats lined up - we'll see if I actually convert that desire into words on a screen.

I'm thisclose to finishing up a project that's been many, many moons in the making, and I am really looking forward to having it off my plate.

Confession time: it's been a while since I watched Political Animals, but I do have vivid memories of one TJ Hammond, as played by wide-eyed beauty boy Sebastian Stan, and I remember being so hurt for him when his lover refused to be with him publicly. AND THEN. Then, I see the lover in a soup commercial, in a relationship with another man, both fathers to a little boy, and I got all worked up, like, "You don't get to have this! You weren't willing to acknowledge TJ!" Um, so I may have been weirdly emotional for the last few weeks.

Part of that might have been due to my birthday. Thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me a lovely day! (I hope you all enjoy my best gift, courtesy of the remarkable [personal profile] musesfool.) Some of it is due to work stuff, where things keep changing and I'm getting tired of people who make demands without thinking about what those changes will mean in practical terms. And some of it is due to my apartment and the property managers who are supposed to be maintaining the building. Oh, and some of it is because of my upcoming trip to India, which I am completely unprepared for.

Plus, half my team at work is sick, and so I'm spending this weekend not budging from the couch. I will sign up for Yuletide, I will read some fic, and I will write some of my own. Yes. And I will watch more of Cosmos, which I have out from the library. Man, the evolution of the eye was super cool!

What are you all up to?

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Wait until you see this commercial - it will tap into that anger like it never went away!

I think SS needed to bulk up to play the Winter Soldier - the bigger, tougher physique suited the role tremendously well - but, like you, I preferred him slim and gazelle-like, with those slender limbs and amazing bone structure. I wonder how much of the change I'm seeing is due to his working out and how much is due to his aging - part of the appeal of his earlier look was his youth, the sense I got of him ripening into beauty, you know? Whatever the case, he's tremendously appealing and I can't imagine not finding him so.

I still find him appealing, but not in the same way. I suppose aging is part of it. I don't really like bulked-up bodies, though you're absolutely right that for the role, he had to do it.

I read an article recently about just how much work it is for actors to get those kinds of bodies, and how some of them use drugs because it's so darned difficult. I've read in other places that Chris Evans and now Chris Hemsworth want to stop playing their characters in part because it's just too much work to keep that physique: constant workouts, constant vigilance about what they eat. Now I'm wondering when we're going to star seeing male stars going into rehab for subjecting their bodies to extreme demands to fit particular body types. That's not the kind of gender equality I want. Matt Damon lost a huge amount of weight for some role without proper supervision, and nearly killed himself a few years ago; apparently now actors are being more cautious and making sure they consult with a professional about weight loss or building muscle, which is good, but I'm not sure whether it's enough.

Maybe I need to watch fewer superhero movies. Peggy Carter—now she's my speed! No super body, just a lot of smarts and a willingness to use whatever is at hand. And Jarvis, who isn't the greatest spy, but he is a superb butler!

And I suppose I can always go back and watch Political Animals again, and imagine what would have happened next. . . .

It really doesn't make sense to me that people insist on actors changing their bodies so dramatically. I mean, now that we have the technology - see Chris Evans as Skinny Steve - why can't we just use it to get people in the shape the characters need? I remember Matt Damon gained a lot of weight for The Informant! and Christian Bale lost an unhealthy amount for The Machinist, and I really do not understand the thought process behind that kind of body modification. Your body doesn't know something is just for a role, and it takes time to bounce back from whatever stressors you're putting it through. I remember Jensen Ackles saying, when he had to do take after take of crying as Dean Winchester, that his body didn't know the crying was for the camera, and it kept reacting as if he were really upset, which only made things harder for him. How much worse must it be when you're literally changing your shape?

I know that actors tend to give superhero movies some slack in this regard, as they say they're finally getting into their ideal shape, but it's still a major change. And you're right, the maintenance of that body must be ridiculously difficult.

Yes, do rewatch PA, and come talk to me about TJ!

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