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Eastern Europe trip: part 6

Once we were across the Charles Bridge, we went up to the castle, just to wander the grounds instead of do the whole extensive tour. Along the way we saw some amazing things:

We crashed and spent the next day - our last - sticking fairly close to the hotel. My parents and I went to Wenceslas Square, and along the way stopped at Lucerna Palace to see the famous sculpture before moving on to the square itself:

On the square (sort of) was the Museum of Communism, which was basically a fic writer's treasure-trove. I want to write all of the Steve/Bucky based on some of this stuff:

That did it for my mom, who was worn out, so we dropped her at the hotel with my brother, and my dad and I went to check out the "Dancing Building," aka "Fred and Ginger": (Ginger has a couple of whales under her skirt for reasons that elude me.) While there, I dodged a very pretty and very friendly TV reporter looking to interview someone ON-CAMERA in English. Turn the camera off and I'll talk all day, lady, but she needed the tape for something or the other, so no dice. On our way back, I saw Pythagoras figuring out how he would eat a Reese's, and then imagined the face you all must be wearing now:

We went out to the local Irish pub as the best place to watch the UEFA Champions League match in a smoke-free environment, did it, got up at 3 am, and flew home.

And I'm DONE! No more travel, no more pictures EVER . . . until November.

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