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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Eastern Europe trip: part 5
victory!, he just did it, say hello to my competence kink
Okay, we're in the home stretch now - just Prague to go!

Since I've got a theme going, let's keep it rolling: In actual-factual terms, though, this was the first thing we saw of Prague: Which was totally foreboding; we saw that diseased-looking building (I think it actually was supposed to be cowhide-spotted - I remember the owner or builder was some kind of cowboy) and my brother, who's usually as healthy as a horse, got sick and listless, and my mom (ditto) soon followed. So all of our grand plans for Prague - seeing the entirety of the castle, going on a beer-tasting excursion, watching tennis and football matches with the locals - came to naught. We still saw a lot, still walked a lot, but didn't really go into any of the attractions, and kept having to cut things short. There was still plenty to see on the street: and we did manage to get to the Museum of the City of Prague, which was really worth it.

(That was a "portrait of a drunkard," by the way. And I thought some fangirls might be interested in the last name on this list:)

Here are the Municipal House and Powder Gate I especially liked these two looking across at each other, and the little dude just hanging out: All of that got us to the fabled Astronomical Clock, which is nice but not especially impressive; the square it's in is much cooler to look at: (Look at the little ducky door-handle!) It was cool to go up in the clock tower for the views:

Up early the next morning (actually, none of us slept at all that night, which was its own problem) to walk the Charles Bridge.

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Oh, man. That clock is stunning. :D

It is. The little skeleton holds the bell that supposedly sounds the chimes, and that golden rooster flutters its wings and crows when the hourly ritual (the Apostles all peek out through those two windows at the top) is over. My mom was totally enchanted.

The clock is beautiful. I'm sorry you all weren't feeling better, but it looks like you still got to see a fair amount.

Very true - I'm glad you like it!

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