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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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leaving on a jet plane
yessss, the little guy who could, great american hero, cap
Hi, everybody!

I leave tomorrow morning for my vacation, and I'll be incommunicado for a couple of weeks. Take care of yourselves and be good!

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Thank you, sugar! Are you doing anything fun - a vacation, some theater - this summer?

I'm having a few days in London in July, with four theatre trips booked and SM and I are going to Germany in September.

Oh, those both sound great! What are you seeing in London?

"High Society" at the Old Vic; "Everyman" and "The Beaux Strategem" at the National and "Car Man", which is a ballet at Sadler's Wells.

Thanks, honey! You rest up and heal (and maybe write some Steeeeeve or Jake Jensen or Colin Shea or or or?)!

Enjoy your trip! Be safe, have fun. :)

Thank you, sugar! I hope you're well?

I am, thank you - enjoying the cool, rainy weekend!

We were supposed to get cool, rainy weather for 90% of the trip, and instead it was very hot and sunny! Not a problem, unless, like me, you packed for the former.

Safe travels, and have a fantastic time!! :)

I'm back, and I did! What are you up to, sugar?

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