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Prime Time Player Letter

Hi, Author/Pinch-hitter/Treat-writer/Excellent person!

This is my letter for Not Prime Time 2015. I hope it's helpful.

Let me say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write me a fic in a fandom we share! Above all, if you have a good time writing the story, that will shine through, and I guarantee that I'll enjoy it too.

General stuff:
*I'm requesting gen, het, and slash because I enjoy all of them - write what pleases you best.
*I don't have a rating in mind, so anything from G to NC-17/Explicit is completely fine.
*For this challenge, I'd prefer to have the characters as they are in canon, that is, I'd rather not get a modern AU or a non-thief George or non-soldier Mal/Zoe/Cougar/Jensen or a non-Musketeer Porthos. While I normally enjoy genderswaps, I'd prefer to leave the characters as they're presented in canon.
*I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, infidelity, dub-con, non-con, humiliation, power-play, or polyamory, please.
*I'm so excited to read your fic!

I love George to pieces, especially the way he talks and the way he loves Alanna unconditionally. So could you give me more George, please? I'm fine with seeing him at any point covered (or not) in the books, but I'd be particularly interested in why he falls for Alanna, what made her spark for him.

THE LOSERS: Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, Jake Jensen
I definitely have an OTP for this movie, and Cougar/Jensen is it. The way that they always look at each other first, how Jensen agreed to the last mission because Cougar had already volunteered - that stuff is impossible for me to read any other way. I don't need fluff, but I want these two to have a happy ending, please. I'm happy to read their first tentative steps into romance, established relationship, whatever.

FIREFLY: Zoe Washburne, Malcolm Reynolds
Okay, so, the relationship in which I was most invested on the show was the one between Mal and Zoe, which I read variously as Mal/Zoe and Mal+Zoe. At the end of the day, they belong together, are safe together. I don't want to box you into writing something unremittingly sad, but I'd really love a look at them after Wash's death, when they realize they're it for each other (romantic or not is up to you). I'd *especially* love it if they decided - or, really, Zoe decided - that they were going to have a baby together, but that's probably pushing my luck.

Porthos is the best. I love his roaring cheer, his deep loneliness, his notion of what it means to be a friend and a Musketeer and a brother. I'm fine with anything as long as it's Porthos-centric, but I'd especially love a story in which he is good friends with Constance (who really should have made that little punk D'Artagnan twist a little) and/or one in which he's bound (in friendship or in love) with Aramis. I'd also be up for seeing more Treville+Porthos. (I'll admit here that I don't find D'Artagnan or Milady or the royals interesting.)

(I tend to do a lot of clickety-clicking once I have my assignment, but in case you'd rather just have a couple of straightforward links to figure me out, here is my master fic list (stories are listed in the order in which I wrote them within each fandom) and here I am on AO3 under the name innie. I don't have a tumblr or twitter - I'm just on lj, dw, and AO3.)

Happy writing!

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