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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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traveling again - any advice?
vivid, pomegranate, story of a return, like jewels
Hi, everybody!

In a couple of months, I'll be on a trip with my family (parents and little brother) - twelve days in Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. [Yes, for those of you counting, that's three vegetarians and an omnivore in Eastern Europe - this will be HILARIOUS, I am sure.] Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do, things to skip, things to eat, etc.? We'll be there at the very end of May through the first week of June. I've been to Vienna before, nearly twenty years ago when I was a wee, poor student, but I don't have specific memories that would be useful. I'd really appreciate any advice you've got to give.

And, just to say thanks in advance, a little story. I share an office with a girl we'll call N. She has a tendency to call out words as she's writing emails and reports, so that I can spell them for her and she can check her work. The other day she said "heifer." As we do not work in agriculture, I said, just to check, "As in, cow?" She asked, "Two F's?" I asked, "Can you give me the sentence you're using it in?" She said, "Yeah. 'You look like a -.'" I said, "Got it. H-E-I-F-E-R." She smiled, sent off her instant message, and settled back with a happy sigh at stirring up shit. And so my work days just fly by.

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I have been to NONE of those places, therefore I will be anxiously awaiting your pictures and travel tales! Hope you have an amazing time. :D

Thank you, honey! I am really looking forward to it too, and of course I'll be posting my pics as always.

I was thinking of you the other day when I was on the phone with someone for work and he mentioned that he'd secretly always wanted to be an Egyptologist. Any chance I can coax you into visiting NYC in the nearish future?

Ohhhh. Well. Maybe? I still want to visit. But for me, nearish future would be Septemberish. End of. Or October. Going to NYC intimidates me a little. But if I can swing it, I have full faith that I will find you (and vic, and C), or maybe you will find me because I won't actually know where I am, heh. And we can go have delicious food and hang out? Man, hanging out with the NY fangirls I have long known but never met would be the best. THE VERY BEST. :D

Late September/October is my favorite time of year in New York, so you're already being super smart about this! No lie, that timing would work really well for me and I would love to see you. (Email me at inniedarling AT gmail DOT com if you'd rather do this privately.) I have a guest bedroom with your name on it.

Ahahaha, good luck with the food! It might be a bit better in the summer though with local produce available.

I've never been to the Polish cities, but am terribly curious about them. I am terribly unhelpful about Budapest as all I did was eat (meat, but their sweets were pretty good too!), sleep, work, and wander the Christmas Market. But the waterfront is gorgeous at night! And my Prague/Vienna trip was probably 15, 20 years ago too! I remember my friends dragged me to a museum to see The Kiss as if it were a famous painting or something. And I being all not-in-tune with famous paintings just sort of humored them. But in the intervening 20 years, I've seen it replicated on everything, so I am always grateful to them for forcing a bit of culture on me. We also went to see the Opera in Prague which was cool, and they even had sub-titles, but they were in Czech, so not really helpful.

Yes, I keep thinking of all the fresh fruit that was available when I backpacked through western Europe twenty years ago and hoping the same applies to eastern Europe. Man, this is going to be a shitshow, but hopefully an entertaining one!

I've seen Christmas Markets in Germany, so I can imagine the one in Budapest - it must have been glorious. Ha, I too remember Vienna being the city of Klimt when I went.

Thanks for the contribution! And I know that's your usual icon, but it made me laugh that you used it on this heifer post.

Oooh, I was in Prague just a few months ago! It's a beautiful, beautiful city; I spent a lot of time just wandering around munching on food from the street vendors and attempting to chase down the spire that appeared to be just around the corner. (The spire is never just around the corner. Neither is the statue or the astronomical clock. Be prepared for a certain amount of getting lost.)

I enjoyed eating the trdelnik, which are like spiral doughnuts covered in cinnamon sugar and almonds. The bread and pastries in the city were all pretty good. I also had some really delicious sauerkraut (who even knew that sauerkraut could be delicious?), so that's something vegetarians could eat, I suppose.

There's also a very odd little art museum on Petrin Hill: The Magic Grotto, which is a one-man show of fantasy art. I'm not sure it's worth going out of your way to see, but if you find yourself in the area, possibly worth a look.

What a tremendously useful flistie you are - thank you! I will bear in mind what you say about tricksy geography (my mom passed along to me her terrible sense of direction, so we will rely on my dad and brother to steer us true) and the art museum and especially about the trdelnik. Yay, doughnuts!

Lucky you! sounds like a great trip. I envy you. I went to Budapest twice with work. Its a beautiful city, or rather two cities. It was a while ago tho'. The second time was right after Princess Diana was killed. I remember the piles of flowers stacked outside of the British embassy. I was lucky enough to stay in the shopping district in Pest. Buda is on the opposite side of the river Danube. Both are ancient cities with lots to see and wonderful food. I recommend walking across the Scechenyi Chain Bridge and taking the cable car up the mountain to Buda Castle which is now museums. Art and history. It was fascinating to see the history of how the country shook off the communists. Another great visit is Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion with a beautiful view overlooking the city.

Food-wise, the thing that sticks out most in my mind was a restaurant my co-workers and I went to where we tried ordering from the menu and the waiter kept telling us "no, you want this" and would point out another item not on the menu. There was also a wonderful restaurant that we went to in Buda that we never remembered the name of and simply called "the duck place." wonderful food but not cheap.

I didn't enjoy the plum wine native to the country but some might. I also recall the only place to get pizza or steak was an an Irish pub near the Basilica. I also remember the Hungarian language being completely incomprehensible to read.

Ooh, thank you for this! I'm pretty excited about Budapest, I have to say.

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