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WiPs and TV and Rafa

Hi, everybody!

I've been thinking idly for a few days about posting something about the TV I'm watching, and then I decided to take a page out of [personal profile] musesfool's book and do the WiP meme (share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs) while I was at it.

(1) "Do you wanna go over our schedules for this project?" he asked, picking up a tray and getting behind her in line. He made it sound like he didn't know where her locker was, like if she slipped out of his sight now, he'd never find her again, and he'd be left raising their egg as, like, some unshaven single dad. [from a collaborative high-school AU of The Mindy Project]

(2) And, ah, she'd known he would be good, but it surprised her, how readily he trusted her; when she pleaded, 'Harder,' into his shoulder, he didn't ask if she were sure but simply increased the force of his thrusts, upgrading the rattling of the headboard into a storm. He didn't treat her like she was breakable and didn't seem to expect delicate handling himself, so she let herself go and dug into the meat of his arms, tugged at his hair, and pulled him into her heat with the intent to bruise. [from the second half of Answered with a Question Mark]

(3) "Because she's got legs from here to here" - Charmonique's full wingspan, including inch-long lacquered nails, was impressive, and indicated an intern roughly the size of the Abominable Snowman - "and you really can't miss her. I don't know how you have." [from a college/internship AU of Selfie]

I find it interesting that writing in sitcom fandoms means I'm writing mostly het, not even gen with a little romance thrown in. That Sherlock WiP has all sorts of pairings (m/m, f/f, m/f) but I chose to excerpt an m/f pairing because the m is John, my very favorite, world without end, amen. Once these three fics are finished, I won't have any WiPs on my plate, which is already making me feel bereft, stupidly, since there's plenty of work to be done on all of them.

And in any case, by that time, surely Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will be back, and I'll have gotten more of the rest of my shows. Man, even with a shortened season, I cannot wait to see what sort of shenanigans Phryne Fisher will drag Jack Robinson into. All I really want from the third season is more Jack and Mac bonding, more of the weirdly competitive relationship between Jack and Bert, Dot and Hugh making progress on their relationship, and a way to up the Jack/Phryne tension without demonizing Rosie.

I'm still so disappointed that Selfie was yanked off the air just as it was getting into some really amazing stuff. Seriously, people - John Cho has long been the MVP of whatever TV show he's been in, so what more does he have to do? He can't be any more handsome or charming or thoughtful or talented. I went back, because of him, to rewatch Go On, that sitcom that I wrote off as NBC's attempt to remake Community while trying to boot Community off the air. It doesn't rise to the consistent heights of early Community, and is much clumsier in deploying its characters, but when it hit, it was really good, and John Cho's character Steven was a big part of that. I had given up watching by the time he started to be used more consistently, and so only realized now that the will-they-won't-they couple that had been promoted (Matthew Perry and Laura Benanti) was given up on, and the show pushed for her and John Cho to get together, which was much more interesting. Ah, but that show was canceled before they could get together for real.

I might rewatch Flash Forward - the one-season show that paired John Cho (it is impossible not to say/type his full name - try it) with Gabrielle Union - next, though I remember it being a drag, only livening up whenever John Cho was onscreen. Hmmm. Maybe he needs to pick his projects better. If we can't get more Selfie (PLEASE let us get more Selfie!), I'd like to see him on a show that at least has the strength of great writing, though perhaps not the best track record with respect to race: The Good Wife.

(As an aside, I don't really have a stake in the Star Trek films, as I never watched any of the previous incarnations, but I did watch the rebooted films for John Cho and Simon Pegg. I am SO excited that Simon Pegg is writing the third film, and hope that he and director Justin Lin will give Sulu's story a little more weight, particularly since JL and JC have collaborated on several previous projects.)

(Aside the second: if someone does take up my idea to make a TV show based on The World's End - there's more than enough relationship stuff to give us at least one season - I would love to see John Cho cast as one of the five leads. GET ON THAT, SOMEBODY.)

I did think, going on last week's weird ep of Sleepy Hollow, that all the talk of Andy as a precedent for Frank's return after death might be paving the way for John Cho's triumphant return to the show, but I don't even know if I wish for that anymore, as this season has been such a mess. There is still a lot of story for Andy, though, and it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to see how and why he made his choices, and what he might be up to now that Purgatory has been emptied (right? it has, hasn't it?).

My other Monday show, Jane the Virgin, is far less problematic. I love Rogelio, love the Latin Lover Narrator, and adore Jane. (It's nice to love a main character the most again!) I think Rafael is too dumb for Jane, and am firmly on Team Michael, though of course the LLN's last words on him were ominous in the extreme, so he's probably not got long to live.

Other shows that I am unabashedly enjoying this year: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and Agent Carter. blackish has been a little hit-or-miss, and it steams me that it got all of the coddling that Selfie could have used, but I do enjoy it very much when it's clicking. I had to give up How To Get Away with Murder because it was so very stupid. I lost my interest in Elementary, though I heard this season is better than the last. Galavant (which ends tonight) has been fun without being very deep - I thought I'd have the songs stuck in my head, but that hasn't happened. Karen David is a real find, though, and Timothy Omundson is hilarious.

And The Musketeers just started back up! Howard Charles continues to kill it as Porthos, who is my favorite character (though Constance is a close second). I do wish that they'd give him more to do than he's getting, and that all of his storylines didn't center on his parentage, but just getting to see him shaking his head with mock-solemnity in the background when Aramis swans in to say things like, "A Musketeer doesn't kiss and tell" is worth it. Plus, he has an amazing smile - let him show that off, show! I'm a little peeved with the second season, for (a) not getting rid of Milady de Winter, who is SUCH a drag in the same way Sherlock's Irene Adler was - a beautiful woman who thinks she's clever and brave and outrageous when she's really just irritating. Constance actually is clever and brave and principled, and I want to see more of her. My other gripe with the second season has to be the introduction of Rochefort as a regular. Bad enough that he's apparently the big bad for the season, with his cheesy lines and clumsy plotting. But it's made worse by the fact that he's played by the same actor who was Kalinda's awful died-on-his-way-back-to-his-home-planet husband, and I just want to not have to see him anymore. Please, show? Please?

What's up with you? What are you watching?

(Keep your fingers crossed for my boy Rafa to keep advancing at the Australian Open and to stay healthy and uninjured, please?)

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