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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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the singing bush
Hi, everybody!

Thanks to everyone who reached out to wish me a happy birthday yesterday - I feel virtually cuddled, which is a feeling that should really be bottled for use when I'm down. So thank you, and I hope I can make you feel the same when you need it!

I like to post a story on my birthday, and this year's story, Speak Low (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), seems to be particularly divisive, which, honestly, I was sort of expecting, because I didn't think anyone saw these characters in exactly the same light as I did. I got super-lucky with both of my very generous betas, as they both did, or at least were close enough that my view didn't trouble them. Anyway, I'm glad I wrote it and got it out of my system, because Yuletide is approaching, and I have two other stories that I need to get done post-haste.

In real-life news, my mom came up to spend the day with me yesterday, taking advantage of the fact that my birthday was a Saturday and that she and my brother were both actually in town instead of halfway around the world. She and I had a lovely day of watching a Miss Fisher's ep, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, grabbing a quick lunch at Bareburger (OMG, those fries!), catching a fairly odd show (basically, lumberjacks doing Cirque du Soleil), wandering around Soho, meeting my brother for my birthday dinner (Cucina di Pesce, which, despite the name, has a pretty good vegetarian selection), and then back to Brooklyn where we watched the first half of an extremely quotable old favorite (Three Amigos) before conking out - if only the new tenants downstairs had not decided to party until 5 am, the night would have been perfect. The title of this post is a tribute to one of my favorite movie characters of all time, the Singing Bush from Three Amigos, who sings with such vigor and enthusiasm and determination and has such a hilarious voice that basically I am reduced to sputtery, breathless giggles whenever I see its big scene.

So that's what's going on with me, and now I'm off to try to put together my Yuletide sign-up. I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!

This same entry also appears on Dreamwidth, at http://innie-darling.dreamwidth.org/445862.html.

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Ack, I missed your birthday! D: Please accept my slightly belated but no less heartfelt happy birthday! - and a wish for a wonderful year ahead for you. <3

You absolute darling, thank you for the good wishes - back at you!

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a fun day!

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Hey, sugar, thank you so much! Yes, I thought that the description might pique some people's interest! When I googled the group, I found this nice little vid that sort of summarizes the show. Enjoy!

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