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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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so much stuff (with pictures!)
lost in your eyes, so many different directions, i believe in love, bellissimo mon amour
Hi, everybody!

Oh, my goodness, it's been a crazy few months. My company's been going through a lot of very public turmoil, which led to several sleepless nights imagining I'd be laid off, and then, just when we turned a corner and I learned I had nothing to worry about on that front, my teammate abruptly quit and moved. So I've been doing her job as well as my own for almost a month now, and I'm overwhelmed. I've also had all sorts of health stuff happening, which is still ongoing and still incredibly annoying. But! The weather is starting to improve (sloooooooowly), and I've been getting to go see some amazing theater (people in New York - GO SEE VIOLET. TRUST ME.) and the subways, while still screwy, have been a little less crowded in the mornings, which means I'm actually able to read on my way to and from work (I just reread the first ten books of Gillian Roberts's Amanda Pepper murder-mystery series - so delightful!). And I have some trips coming up - one to Sicily in June, and one to London in September - that I'm very much looking forward to.

But in here-and-now news, here goes. I took alizarin_nyc with me to the Paley Center (NYC)'s panel on Fargo for Martin Freeman reasons, and we had a delightful time. As you can see, he talks with his hands, was amused much of the time, has a favorite Fargo pose, and wears very snazzy socks.

And the following morning, I went with my mother to the New York Botanical Garden's annual Orchid Show, which has become an annual event for us too. We had a fantastic time - it was a gorgeous day, perfect for wandering. I took even more pictures there than I had the night before, and here are some of the most striking.

And tomorrow I get to take my BFF and his wife out for his birthday!

How are you all doing?

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WOW, gorgeous flower, awesome panel - i just heard about that Fargo, it looks great - yay! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I finally watched the first ep of Fargo yesterday, and I thought it was fantastic - I hope you enjoy it too!

HELLO. I don't have anything special to say except that I hope things get less crazy for you at work soon, I'm glad you still have a job, and great pictures! Also, your travel plans sound awesome.

Hi! I'm very glad I still have a job too - job hunting is the actual worst thing I've ever had to endure. I'm really looking forward to those trips.

Those orchids are marvellous. I can quite understand why you'd go to the show every year.

What's especially nice is that my mom gets free admission for both of us to the show, so she comes to New York and we make a weekend of it - this time, in addition to the orchid show, we also had a nice dinner and then went to see a fantastic production of As You Like It.

Thanks for the photos!

Sounds like you've really earned those trips. I hope you have a great time!

I need to do an update sometime soon (or sometime about four months ago, maybe).

Ha, I know exactly what you mean about updates that feel obsolete as soon as you make them. Thanks for the good wishes, and I'm looking forward to learning what you've been up to!

Such great pictures, of flowers and Freeman! Sorry about the work stress, though. That's the worst.

I'd rather have work stress than job-hunting stress, but neither would be best! At least I do have the trips coming up to take a bit of a break.

I'm glad you like the pics! MF is just a treasure.

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