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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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oh yeah!
jessica pearson, earring, gina torres, unplumbed beauty
Now I remember what I was going to post yesterday!

The first is a reminder that the Valentine's Day Game is running again! All you need to do is pick a few people you want to leave some anonymous love for, and send the details to the lovely mod, [personal profile] svmadelyn. It's a great time to say things you've been too shy to say, to shower that special someone with praise, or even to say, "hey, I lurk but I love." Whatever. You don't need any secret password or to be a BNF. Just spread a little cheer!

The second is a bit of a brag. Remember I went down to DC at the end of last year to visit my dad, and snuck in a visit to an amazing bookstore (well, two, really, since he very patiently took me to two different branches)? I finally got all of those new acquisitions as well as all the stuff I'd bought, lent, and misplaced organized on my shelves, and I wanted to show you the fruits of my labor.

And now I'm off to try to finish a fourth entry for the Porn Battle before I succumb to sleep.

This same entry also appears on Dreamwidth, at http://innie-darling.dreamwidth.org/437447.html.

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