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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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oh yeah!
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Now I remember what I was going to post yesterday!

The first is a reminder that the Valentine's Day Game is running again! All you need to do is pick a few people you want to leave some anonymous love for, and send the details to the lovely mod, [personal profile] svmadelyn. It's a great time to say things you've been too shy to say, to shower that special someone with praise, or even to say, "hey, I lurk but I love." Whatever. You don't need any secret password or to be a BNF. Just spread a little cheer!

The second is a bit of a brag. Remember I went down to DC at the end of last year to visit my dad, and snuck in a visit to an amazing bookstore (well, two, really, since he very patiently took me to two different branches)? I finally got all of those new acquisitions as well as all the stuff I'd bought, lent, and misplaced organized on my shelves, and I wanted to show you the fruits of my labor.

And now I'm off to try to finish a fourth entry for the Porn Battle before I succumb to sleep.

This same entry also appears on Dreamwidth, at http://innie-darling.dreamwidth.org/437447.html.

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I'm having envy flashes at those bookshelves.

Mwahahaha! Then my work here is done!

(Thank you!)

Oooooh, lovely, lovely books!! :D Your bookshelves and mine should meet and converse. They'd get along well, I suspect! (Except that I don't know how you handle horizontal book-storing, I'd go bananas.)

I definitely want to meet your bookshelves at some point! As for the horizontal stacking - there really isn't room if I do it the right way, unfortunately. At least this way I can see each title.

But is the world ready for all the baby books that would be produced?

As long as they were all twins, so she could keep one set and I the other!

wow amazing bookshelves! which store did you go to? :)

I went to two of the three branches of the Friends of the Montgomery County Libraries bookstore - everything is clean and well-organized, and nothing is over $3 (except for cookbooks and coffee-table books, but even those topped out at around $5). Amazing, soul-rejoicing place!

I live in a neighboring county and haunt the library used book rooms. I'll have to visit these Mont. County ones!! Thanks for the tip!

Books and books and books! Lovely!

Ooh, pretty. Love the nice curves on the bookshelves in the corner. And all the books!!

When I saw the curved shelves in the designs for the room, my heart started fluttering!

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