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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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quickie post (Sherlock, Rafa, writing, Porn Battle, SNOW)
for love of the game, precision power tool, communion
Hi, everybody!

I'm home early (got back about an hour ago) from work because of the snow, and plan to sit tight and work from home tomorrow. I took three different subways home to minimize sidewalk time, and had the last train just sit at the station for several minutes, as some of the doors wouldn't shut due to ice. So that was fun.

If you've seen all of series 3 of Sherlock, there's quite a good discussion going on about it in one of my earlier posts. I did watch the PBS airing of the first ep - does anyone know if the special they showed afterward is part of the special features on the DVD, or if the DVD includes the mini-ep?

I've been meaning to post something about Rafael Nadal's chances at the Australian Open, but haven't wanted to jinx him. Given this morning's momentous knockouts, though, I thought this might be the time. I so want him to have the Career Slam twice over, and to start to put together a calendar-year Grand Slam! Fingers crossed for him, please?

As my pic for [profile] picfor1000 has a winter theme, it might be a good idea for me to knock it out while the snow is keeping me at home. 1000 words should be doable, right?

Hey, look what's up: a call for Porn Battle prompts! Just make [personal profile] oxoniensis's life easier and follow the rules about how to leave prompts, please.

My Prompts for Porn Battle 15

Awake, Michael Britten/any, fleeting
Ben and Kate, Kate Fox/Tommy, responsibility, stolen, fulfillment, gorgeous
Ben and Kate, BJ Harrison/any, hilarity, accent, breasts
Better Off Ted, Lem Hewitt/Lucy, sexy, scientific, principles, hypothesis, glasses
Better Off Ted, Ted Crisp/Veronica Palmer, power outlets, haircut, suits, hand-holding
Beverly Hills Cop, Axel Foley/Jenny Summers, history, comfort
Blackadder, Edmund Blackadder/any, cunning, vitriol, villainous, tongue, heartache
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy Santiago/Jake Peralta, sincere, ponytail, contacts, paperwork
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, sisters, hairstyle, bone, coffee
Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey/any, maturity, wow!, fresco
Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff/any, family, coping, singing, success, French
Canterbury's Law, Elizabeth Canterbury/Russell Krauss, expertise, ignorance, skirt, tactics, delay
Captain America, Steve Rogers/James "Bucky" Barnes, lost, cave, asthma, stubble, triumph
Case Histories, Jackson Brodie/Louise Munroe, vindication, paranoia, rested, plaintive, childcare, teeth
Chuck, Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker, mascara, reunion, vertigo, origami, home, memories, photographs, bikini, plaintive, teeth
Cold Comfort Farm, Flora Poste/Charles Fairford, experience, non-fiction
Cold Comfort Farm, Seth Starkadder/any, groupie, gossip, thread, curls
Coming to America, Randy Watson/any, chocolate, jheri-curl
Community, Britta Perry/Troy Barnes, olives, knuckles, Radiohead
Community, Jeff Winger/Shirley Bennett, smack, sincere
Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette, Mildmay Foxe/Cardenio Richey, intimacy, skin, finery, gaze, hierarchy
Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette, Mildmay Foxe/Mehitabel Parr, consolation, cunnilingus, satisfy, facepaint, acting, equality
Eight Cousins series - Louisa May Alcott, Phebe Moore/Archie Campbell, revelation, rosy, conduct, character, urgent
Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds/Zoe Washburne, domesticity, adventure, arms, stalwart
Frasier, Niles Crane/Daphne Moon, tentative, pun, eloquent, merry
The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, silent, standing, teeth, fulfillment, professional, stockings, wrinkles, accustomed
The Good Wife, Cary Agos/Kalinda Sharma, hair, smirk, sting
The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma/Will Gardner, consolation, incendiary, aggressive, slam
The Good Wife, Diane Lockhart/Kurt McVeigh, cooperation, completion, throaty
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen/Cinna, eyeliner, preparation, muscles, cloth, depilatory
Inseparable, Joe/wife, unmistakable, illness, pregnancy
Irene Adler series - Carole Nelson Douglas, Irene Adler/Godfrey Norton, negotiation, marital, clever, contest, sleek
Irene Adler series - Carole Nelson Douglas, Nell Huxleigh/Quentin Stanhope, vision, petticoat, ritual, curls
It Happened One Night, Ellie Andrews/Peter Warne, magnificent, Jericho, subterfuge, allies
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Harry Lockhart/any, rainy, misogyny, delivery, service, sofa, water
Life, Charlie Crews/Dani Reese, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight, specter, hostage
Little Shop of Horrors, Seymour Krelborn/Audrey, green, fertility, laundry, chorus, happiness
Lord Peter series - Dorothy Sayers, Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane, footing, cricket, nimble, tongues
Middleman, Middleman/Raveena Rao, mentor, tender, vigorous, discipline
Middleman, Middleman/Lacey Thornfield, fantastic, milk, enraptured
Middleman, Roxy Wasserman/Middleman, banter, hunger, decisiveness, protection
Middleman, Wendy Watson/any, kidding, vixen
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Michael Pardue/Delysia Lafosse, unpolished, Grubb, intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers, hatbox
Mordant's Need series - Stephen R. Donaldson, Terisa Morgan/Geraden, undue, fever, justification, glass
Mordant's Need series - Stephen R. Donaldson, Castellan Lebbick/Terisa Morgan, understanding, peace, experience
Much Ado About Nothing (any), Beatrice/Benedick, strange, voice, wonder, joust, trippingly, speech, arrow
The Music Man (1962), Harold Hill/Marian Paroo, rich, timbre, lucky, lothario, exploits
The Nanny, CC Babcock/Niles, tired, race, competition, voice, curvaceous, rhyme
New Girl, Jess Day/Winston Bishop, Pleasuretown, lingerie, bubbles
New Girl, Jess Day/Nick Miller, furniture, revelation, hood, lunges, vodka, aliases, roleplay
New Girl, Cece Parekh/Winston Bishop, deep, dancing, cat
Night Court, Dan Fielding/Christine Sullivan, list, playtime, pet, scandal, do-gooder
Northanger Abbey (2007), Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, assertive, knowledgeable, passion, fondness, taste, extraordinary, sweetness, siblings
NY-Lon, Edie Miller/Mike Antonioni, London, flat, oasis
The O.C., Ryan Atwood/Theresa Diaz, summer, pregnancy, ice cream, beginning, sultry
The Office (UK), Dawn Tinsley/Tim Canterbury, weary, plait, feet, dishes, holiday, sunshine, ambition, impulse, traditional
Penelope, Penelope Wilhern/Johnny Martin, payment, debt, sing, undone
The Pirates!, Pirate with a Scarf/Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate, bath, toes, nose
The Pirates!, Pirate Captain/Black Bellamy, competition, lubbers
The Pirates!, Pirate Captain/Cutlass Liz, swashbuckling, beard, rum
Possession (2009), Roman/Jess, order, palimpsest, effort, sweeter, bite
La Princesse de Montpensier, Marie de Montpensier/Francois de Chabannes, demure, adolescent, heavy, lavender, beard
Pushing Daisies, Olive Snook/Alfredo Aldarisio, boysenberry, aria, solo, earnest, gentle, bones
Pushing Daisies, Chuck Charles/Ned, dimples, breath, high-five, giggle-fit, contraptions
Reign, Mary Queen of Scots/Sebastian de Poitiers, arrow, quest, second, momentary, awakening, lost, taste
Rome, Lucius Vorenus/Marcus Antony, honor, loss, compassion, madness
Rome, Lucius Vorenus/Niobe, dedication, dispensation, fertility, laughter, red, luck, fate, duty
Round About Five, Man/Courier, travel, quest, wind, low
A Royal Affair, Caroline Mathilde/Johann Friedrich Struensee, honesty, clarity, youth, delirium, progressive, daring, garden, earthly, release
Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman, Jim Taylor/Adelaide Bevan, queen, cat, coarse, grace, written
Sherlock, Irene Adler/John Watson, remember, scintillating, wholesome
Sherlock, John Watson/Greg Lestrade, sink, velvet, shy, cheek, capable
Sherlock, John Watson/Sally Donovan, BAMFs, click, sharp, apple
Sherlock, John Watson/fem!Sherlock Holmes, addict, flay, tongue, diminish
Soapdish, Celeste Talbert/Jeffrey Anderson, cliché, gamesmanship, classics, mellowing, Shakespeare
Spaced, Tim Bisley/Daisy Steiner, charming, reunited, quack, forthright, lazy
Sports Night, Dan Rydell/Dana Whitaker, reality, bonding, pizza, subway
Strictly Ballroom, Fran/Scott Hastings, innovation, tradition, heels, golden
Suits, Harvey Specter/Jessica Pearson, suits, crisp, expertise, acolyte, jewelry
The Tick, Arthur/any, numbers
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux, schoolboys, ties, confidence, bucking, trophy, pelt, nickname
To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund Talbot/Miss Granham, propriety, shapely, education, brother, governess, knowledge
To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund Talbot/Marion Chumley, finally, music plays, fevered, dream, transgression
To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund Talbot/Charles Summers, unrequited, unconscious, fresh, air, bath, delicate, yearning
Tootsie, Dorothy Michaels/George Fields, verisimilitude, boundaries, help
Tootsie, Dorothy Michaels/Jeff Slater, friendship, tease, process
Touching Evil (US), David Creegan/Susan Branca, silence, smile, weariness, juggling, child
Touching Evil (US), Susan Branca/Mark Rivers, restless, shoes, blond
Tropic Thunder, Kirk Lazarus/Lincoln Osiris, reciprocity, experience, overthinking, method, acting, history, confidence
The Unusuals, Casey Schraeger/Davis Nixon, dynamics
The Unusuals, Jason Walsh/Alison Beaumont, soundtrack, cooking, middle, numbers, competition
The Unusuals, Casey Schraeger/Jason Walsh, miracle, confession, baseball
Veronica Mars, Duncan Kane/Lilly Kane, excitement, rush
Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars, grin, puppy, reward, reunion, competition, victory, true
Veronica Mars, Carrie Bishop/Veronica Mars, revenant, justice, uncanny
Walking and Talking, Amelia/Andrew, black, leather, pants, second, time, shopping, DVDs, family
What's Your Number?, Ally Darling/Simon Forrester, concentrate, pub, home, sweatpants, cushion, cliche
Wonder Boys, James Leer/Terry Crabtree, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair
The World's End, Oliver Chamberlain/any, functionality, price, smile, communication, latte, horse, propriety, wriggle, laugh
The World's End, Andy Knightley/any, teetotal, rugby, moves, roll, bruiser, pink
The X-Files, Fox Mulder/Dana Scully, giggling, porn, obscene, tomorrow
Any character played by Martin Freeman/Any character played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, meaningful, difference, softness, appealing, autumn

How are you all doing?

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I was SO thrilled for Iron Stan finally knocking Novak out of a match. :DDDDDD

Yes! And especially this one, where he needed to wipe the slate clean from last year!

So true. Now, if Rafa can just get past Baby Fed, I'll start to feel pretty good about his chances... :D

Ooooooh, some excellent prompts.

*curtsey* Thank you kindly!

I LOVE the Porn Battles, because I always write some fandoms I've never tackled before, often ones I've never even considered. It's so much fun!

Have you put up your prompts yet?

WHOA, late response, but yes, I figured out my prompts! They're here. You know, I don't really end up writing much for the Porn Battles, because the deadline is pretty short for a slow writer like me, but I adore the prompting/reading/commenting part. So much good stuff.

HAHAHA, you prompted pancakes, and there they were! Is it nice being psychic?

Also, I love PBs, because I don't stress about writing complete or long fics, just little snippets of stuff, most often in fandoms I've never considered writing in. It's like a nimbler, pornier Yuletide!

I didn't reply earlier because I was afraid of jinxing Rafa! ;D

That blister on his hand though... I'm not as confident about his chances as I usually am. I want him to win though! (Although I do like the two Swiss guys too.)

Ha, glad I'm not the only irrational one!

That blister looks supremely disgusting and painful - how can he say that it doesn't affect his strokes, just his serve? I'm very pleased he knocked Federer out so decisively, as I've never been a Fed fan. I do like Wawrinka, but there's no indecision for me about who to root for on Sunday!

I'm so excited for Rafa and Roger 33! I'm of mixed emotions. Rafa is my favorite and I want him to tie Sampras and win 2 career slams \o/

But I do have a soft spot in my heart for Roger after his fairly dismal 2013 and think it would be amazing if, after being written off yet again, he turned around and won one more Slam.

I think I'll be happy with either winning (with an edge of favoritism toward Rafa)... as long as they go on to win the final too LOL.

I'm so very happy for Stan too but don't want him to take home the big prize. He had his amazing breakthrough beating Novak plus making it to the final. Let's not be greedy though, at least at this Open ;)

I don't have the fondness you do for Fed, but I completely agree that it should be that fateful semifinal (33!) that should name the winner of this year's AO. I don't know how I'm going to get to sleep on Sunday!

I watched the semi from about 5:00 until it was over and was absolutely rooting for Rafa at that point. I still have that soft-spot for Roger but he didn't play like he wanted it enough and he made too many errors so my allegiance to Rafa took over. He played brilliantly.

I do hope Roger comes away from this with a positive frame of mind. I'd like to see him contend through the rest of the year; win more than the measly one tournament of last year.

Jon Wertheim wrote 2 good pieces about the match/rivalry over at si.com plus there's a great selection of quotes from the sports media here:

Now, there's no doubt who I want to see win the final. I've got it set to record on my DVR plus the following 2 or 3 sports centres in case the match goes really long. I can't imagine Rafa losing (I'm not even afraid to jinx him by writing that) but I'll be curious if Stan can finally take a set from him. I almost hope so... to make for an exciting match. Then again, a straight set victory would send out quite the message ;).

I don't think I'm going to get up extra early to watch. It may well be over by the time I get up (likely around 7:00). I hope not though, I'd like to see at least the last points and trophy presentation live.

Vamos Rafa!

I have no words and wish I would've kept them off the screen yesterday. Sigh.

I know what you mean, but all we could have wished for was for him to stay healthy during the match, which frankly didn't even occur to me. I set my alarm and woke up around 4:30 and tuned in just in time to see his return from medical treatment, late in the second set. It really looked like he was going to concede the match at 1-5 in the second - he could barely move, wasn't chasing down any balls, only hitting what came right at him, not using his towels, etc. How he got the strength and determination to finish the second set, take the third, and contend seriously for the fourth I simply do not know. I actually wanted him to concede, if only to spare him the agony of continuing to play when so badly hurt and to ensure that he saw a doctor sooner rather than later, but there's no denying that it was a thrill to see him rally enough to take the third set.

I still haven't watched it. I'd set my smartphone alarm for 6:45 and settled on the couch last night in front of the TV. That way, if hubs got up early (typically), I'd have dibs on the TV first ;). Something (fate?) woke me up, I think a little before 6 though and, since I was awake I turned on the TV. Whatever time it was, it was only minutes after the championship point. I watched in slow-mo as Stan raised his arms in subdued celebration and I sat there in front of the TV, slack-jawed and confused. I watched the trophy ceremony live but the only replay I've watched is match point.

Sad for Stan that he couldn't celebrate the way he deserved to. Sadder for Rafa because I'm betting this shocked him as bad as it did the viewers. Not that he didn't doubt Stan's abilities but, I can only imagine he was blindsided by his back at some point this morning either prior to or during the match. What a shame! Another year to wait before a chance for Career Slam #2 :(

I will watch - fast forward through it so I can see myself how Rafa struggled (sigh). Is it true the fans booed him? Did they shut up after they saw how hobbled he was? I guess I'll see that myself depending on how much of the match I put on. Sigh. That makes me sad too.

I hope he bounces back quick; does well the rest of the year. I want him to hold onto that #1 ranking and be the year-end #1 again.

It's actually really hard to watch - I think I'd advise skipping it entirely. I don't have a DVR, so I had no choice but to get up early and watch; I was watching by 4:45 am, at which point Rafa was down a set and 1-4 in the second and was just finishing up a back massage from a trainer. I don't know if the crowd booed him earlier (which would make me VERY upset) than that, but by the time I started watching, it was very clear that he was in terrible pain. The last few games of the second set he couldn't even move - if the ball came to him, he'd try to hit it, but he didn't budge a step to get to it. And all of the tics that we've come to expect - the towels, the headbands, the wiping of the face, etc. - were gone, because it looked like every single movement, no matter how small, was costing him dearly.

I watched it and still don't know how he won the third set and made a real play for the fourth and then APOLOGIZED to the crowd for not giving them an exciting match. I just. My heart hurts for him.

Still haven't watched but I did read the transcript of his post match press conference and watched the highlights of same on the AO site. Lots of class, trying to deflect attention on his injury to Stan's victory. Very genuine, not that I'd doubt it for an instant but his graciousness and humility was in full force. He actually said he didn't play that well in the 3rd and that Stan lapsed a bit then - dealing with the momentous occasion, the difficulty of playing against an injured player across from you, that kind of thing.

Oddly I couldn't find Stan's press conference on the AO site but I expect he will have been gracious and kind too.

The transcript seems to imply the crowd was against him for a bit, I think for leaving the stadium for treatment but Rafa wouldn't say anything negative about that and it sounds like they really pulled for him again afterward. I hope those who booed felt like asses afterward.

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