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Hi, everybody!

It's been a little while, hasn't it? I've been busy - getting sick again, dressing up and being social for all of my work-related holiday shindigs, writing, betaing, planning my upcoming trip - and have been looking forward to this weekend for so long. And now it's half-over!

But it was gorgeous today and is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, so that will be nice. I'm going to try to catch up with some friends here in Brooklyn and take advantage of the weather.

I still need to do laundry and dishes and clean and pack. Also, I need to set aside some money for repairs (it turns out the plumbing for the entire building was fucked from the word go).

I've been writing quite a bit recently, and though I can't own up to most of the fics I've written (as they're posted anonymously for holmestice and yuletide), there's one I can claim now: the first half of a long post-S2 Sherlock fic written entirely in 221Bs, "Answered with a Question Mark" (yes, the title is from a Duran Duran song). I couldn't get the whole thing finished in time to post before S3 comes along, so I put up what I had and plan to finish it after S3 airs. I'm not posting it here until it's done, but it's up at AO3.

I saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Friday evening, and there was such DRAMA due to the theater. First, after all the previews aired and we'd been reminded not to use our phones, the lights came up and an easy-listening soundtrack came on. This was in lieu of the film we'd all paid to see. And then, during the showdown with Smaug, the film just stopped and the lights came up again. As for the movie itself: I have no particular love for Tolkien and am really only watching the movies for the pleasure of seeing Martin Freeman on the big screen, and it struck me how extraordinarily nuanced his acting was in the midst of this epic (some might say bloated) movie series. He is just astonishing.

I saw 12 Years a Slave a few weeks ago, and I still can't talk very much about it, other than to say Chiwetel Ejiofor is, as usual, blindingly brilliant.

I wasn't sure what I'd be doing over Christmas this year - there was a possibility that my dad would come back up and stay with me - and now it's been settled that I'll go to him instead. So I'll be going down to DC on the 24th and returning on the 30th, the day after his 70th (!) birthday. And I'll get to go to the greatest bookstore ever while I'm down there, which will be a treat.

I hope you're all doing well and looking forward to the new year!

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