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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Rafa, works of art, and dream-casting
suiting up, all-rounder, worker bee, i was there he was glorious
Hi, everybody!

I've had the week off, which has been lovely and actually fairly productive, but haven't gotten myself together to put up a post.

So, as some of you know, I was able to get a ticket for the US Open Men's Singles final, in which Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. I was surprised how pro-Nole the crowd was; I was surrounded by Djokovic fans, except for the quiet, beer-swilling German dude next to me. (We high-fived when Nadal somehow triumphed in the third set and then hugged when our boy finally won - at which point the dude smiled and said, "See you next year.") [For my own purposes: 308 (a corner section facing the chair umpire) had fairly direct sunlight from noon to about five; 323 (behind the baseline, approaching the chair ump's side) was shady from about six pm.] As the icon says, I was there and he was glorious. Some fantastic stuff (thanks to may7fic for the second link) written about the match and Rafa's season, but even if you don't watch tennis, or love Rafa (?!?!?), I think you might enjoy the writing, because the story itself is so dramatic and sympathetic. And how can you not root for someone who, when asked why he's loved by fans all over the world, first demurs that he can't answer that question and then mumbles that he tries to be polite to everyone? A few pictures from the final:



I've mostly been lazing around, writing and reading, but I did stir myself to meet up with some awesome fandom friends to get brunch and hit the Metropolitan Museum, where I was extremely naughty and bought myself this statue, which I have wanted since I first clapped eyes on it in September 1994. (I'm trying to assuage my guilt for all the money I've spent recently by telling myself that the US Open tickets and this statue are early birthday presents to myself and I won't buy anything else extravagant for the rest of the year.) While at the Met, we also saw this amazing exhibition.

I also went to The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter, a free exhibition at the New York Public Library, which was a totally delightful way to spend a few hours. I wandered, remembered some old favorites, and made a long list of authors and illustrators to check out.

And lastly, I've been meaning to throw an idea out there for months but keep forgetting. Now that I've seen an adaptation of Cyrano (and watched the DVD of the PBS production with Kevin Kline as a marvelous Cyrano and Jennifer Garner as an absolutely terrible Roxane), and gone back to the play itself, I've been fantasizing about seeing Martin Freeman in the title role: poet, scholar, swordsman, soldier, wit, and lover. Mmmmmm, yes.

And that's the wrap-up of my week off. How are you?

This same entry also appears on Dreamwidth, at http://innie-darling.dreamwidth.org/431735.html.

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Thanks, especially for sharing that article about Rafa's win! It was such an amazing match, wasn't it!

There are two articles linked - make sure you read both, as they are both fantastic. And yes, it was an absolutely amazing match!

I'm still squeeing for you :) I LOVE that shot of Rafa on the jumbotron. It looks ethereal... which is so appropriate for the occasion.

LOVED that statue you bought. I've been to the Met twice, another lifetime ago. First while in art college and then with my hubby back when we were first dating. Wow, that may well have been in the 80's. Yikes! Loved it though - would love to make a trek back to NYC someday.

Thank-you for sharing :)

Yes, the jumbotron pics were interesting, because he didn't do his big dimply grin, but rather looked sort of wistfully pensive. And of course, he had himself a little cry on the court, which added to the big shiny eyes.

Maybe you should come back up to New York in time for next year's Open?

And yes, I saw a picture of that statue during my first semester of college (I minored in art history) and wanted it from then (I saw it in person a few weeks into the semester).

I would absolutely love to go but I/we really can't take time off in the summer. Hubs runs construction jobs and can't really take time off in the summer months. And, because of his crazy long hours, I typically don't either because I have to think of my poor critters cooped up in the house while he's gone 15 hours days.

Still, it's fun to fantasize about ;)

Oh wow, how cool is that!?!?! I really need to get to Indian Wells next year to see him play (if he comes back to defend his title, that is.) How awesome that you were there for his Lucky 13. :DD

I just knew I'd regret it if I didn't go, so even though I didn't really have the funds, I bought that ticket - and then he won!

I was supposed to go to Indian Wells a few years ago when my brother was living in California, but we never made it. I've heard it's fantastic.

Aren't weeks off the best?! I'm glad you've been able to read and see people and do other relaxing things. And buy sculpture! Your pick is quite beautiful. Sometimes, you just need to have beautiful, classy things. That's just how it is. :)

Yes, they are - and I get another one next month! I am looking forward to more of the same. And I'm glad you like the sculpture - come to New York and see it (the original or my reproduction) for yourself!

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