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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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oh so much stuff
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Hi, everybody!

Things here have been less than great on the personal side (death and health problems in the family, issues with tenants, job insecurity, etc.) but there have been some real bright spots too.

* I spent yesterday with my brother (yes, he's back on this coast!) at the US Open, watching both of the men's semifinals. What a heartbreaker that first one was - Wawrinka (whom I've always liked and thought kind of adorable) was so close to winning it. Reaching the semis was already a breakthrough for him, but it would have been great for him to beat Djokovic at Arthur Ashe. The crowd seemed pretty evenly split for that one. But we were (almost) all for Rrrrrrrrafa, who came out and shut down every one of Gasquet's beautiful points. As my brother said, Rafa is so boring in interviews (in English, anyway), as he always says the same things: he's not taking anything for granted, each match is its own beast, his opponent was fantastic, the experience of playing in ____ tournament has been wonderful, etc. All of that is undeniably true, but I find it so charming that he's such a beast on the court who goes all dimply and smiley once the match is over. I wore my Rafa shirt and enjoyed every minute of the day. I'm trying to see if I can afford to go to the final on Monday - anyone have a ticket to sell?

* Last weekend, I saw The World's End for the second time with my BFF, J. I'd already seen it as part of the Cornetto Trilogy marathon with [personal profile] alizarin_nyc and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a much more elegiac movie than the first two, which makes sense as it does wrap up the trilogy, but there is still plenty of sparkling humor in it. It's going on my list of Yuletide fandoms in part because there was so much background story that was only sketched out - I really do think that they could have made at least one season of TV out of the premise for the movie.

* It is Martin Freeman's birthday today! He is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42). Happy birthday!

* I've now watched the first two seasons of Homicide, courtesy of [personal profile] musesfool. It is fantastic, but not something about which I would be fannish. Once the US Open is over, I should be able to get through seasons 3 and 4 at a faster clip.

* I'm writing four stories right now. One Cabin Pressure (for the Help Syria auction), two New Girl, and one Sherlock. The last is the only one without a deadline, so of course that's the one that's consuming me. It would be nice to be swept away by one (or more) of the new TV shows coming soon, but I don't anticipate that happening; then again, I could never have seen New Girl coming either, so who knows?

* Let's talk a little about Yuletide. I know I'm nominating Louisa May Alcott's two-book sequence Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom. Possibly, as mentioned above, The World's End. And there are about twenty other fandoms to consider. What are you thinking about?

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Eight Cousins! I liked Mac a lot and enjoyed it when he and Rose ended up together, but even as a wee babby, I always kinda wanted Phoebe and Rose to make a go of it once they grew up :D Rereading them now, a lot of Louisa May Alcott's stuff seems a bit more preachy at times than i remembered thinking they were before, but they're still such a delight to read. I wonder if there is any fic for Eight Cousins already...

There is some fic out there, but not nearly enough! I really loved Phebe, more than Rose, perhaps because she's less fully drawn. I found the love stories in the series to be satisfying, because I liked Mac and Archie too (still can't forgive LMA for marrying Teddy/Laurie off to AMY!), and the series to be less preachy than some of LMA's other stuff.

I was just telling someone else I found World's End sad. Yes, it had some really funny bits, but I kept feeling bad for the characters, which was perhaps taking things a little too seriously. (But they cried out for sympathy! I even felt bad for Gary despite his being, well, him.)

Another reminder that Martin Freeman is younger than I am. Hey, but I look younger! And I've finally reached the age where I can appreciate looking younger than I actually am. I still find it appalling that increasingly, the actors I watch are younger than I am.

I loved Louisa May Alcott. Daughter has rejected our reading choices for years, so I couldn't even really suggest she read Alcott, and I think she has passed the age where she might appreciate those books. In a decade or two, she could give them a go. She's now a cynical tweenager.

I thought TWE was tremendously sad, not least for the ending's vision of what constituted happy endings for those complex characters. Peter's moment in the pub when reflecting on the bully had me welling up, as did the soccer ball at the end.

I still find it appalling that increasingly, the actors I watch are younger than I am. I don't have this so much with actors, but with characters - I'm older than the "cool" audience that most shows are aiming for, which was an unpleasant shock.

I'd think, of all the LMA I've read (which is the Little Women series, the Eight Cousins series, and An Old-Fashioned Girl), Eight Cousins and especially the sequel Rose in Bloom would be the best bet for a modern chicklet to get into. Does she like L. M. Montgomery? How about Lois Lowry?

Does she like L. M. Montgomery? How about Lois Lowry?
Afraid not.

She won My Friend Flicka as a prize at school for being the first in her grade to finish a reading list. I blurted out that I really liked that book. She has still never read it, and I think that's because I made the mistake of saying that I liked it. So I can't even suggest any of these authors or books to Dear Daughter. I can't leave them lying around the house, because she'd know they weren't hers. Our house has a library—we finally have enough rooms to have a library!—and she won't read a single book in it.

It's deeply frustrating. She's a voracious reader, but she wants books that her friends read, or new books. I have thought of trying to bribe her friends, but I figure they'd rat me out. ;-)

Ah, it's such a shame that she has such a great resource that she won't use! I hope she wakes up to the fact that her mom might actually know what she's talking about soon - my mom kept pushing Jane Eyre on me, and I read it quite early and didn't like it but then had to read it for a class a few years later and fell madly in love with it. That was enough to get me to admit that my mom might have good taste!

What makes it truly ridiculous is that she has begun watching tv with us. Elementary is her favorite show now. (I should have thought about that 10 pm time slot and not let her start; it's more violent than I expected. But we TiVo everything, so I didn't really think about when it aired! It immediately became too late to stop her watching.) She got sucked into Downton Abbey. She enjoys BBC Sherlock and the Jeremy Brett (Granada) Sherlock Holmes. She loves Doctor Who. I can't remember her recently trying a show with us and not enjoying it.

We have one radio drama, Cabin Pressure, and she loves it with a passion. She listens to our NPR program.s

So apparently we have good taste in tv and radio, but she won't even look at a book either of us liked. I have pointed out the irrationality of this, but that only annoyed her more. (Hey, I said I have good taste; I didn't say I have tact.)

Do you have e-readers that are available for her use? If so, maybe you could load one up with the classics and just let her finish one of her books and get bored and see what else she can find?

Best of luck, truly - that situation would frustrate me to no end!

Sorry rl has been difficult!

I felt the same way about The World's End, but I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together--and I found some of their scenes really touching (this is true of the other movies, too). I'd love to read fic for it!

For Yuletide, I think I'm going to nominate Ripper Street and Endeavour (though neither one probably needs my help), The Raven Boys (YA novel), and probably George Mallory under 20thC RPF.

Hopefully things will improve on the rl front soon! How have you been?

Yes, TWE was truly touching, which shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did; I should have known that crew could pull off genuine emotion even in a film that boasted the "Pink Hulk" moment.

Have you seen this post for coordinating nominations? I don't know any of your fandoms, but I'll keep an eye out for The Raven Boys when I'm at the library later this week.

I was thinking about you whilst watching/keeping an eye on the US Open this year. How awesome for you to see both semis!! As much as I love tennis - and you know I do - I've never been so engaged as I've been this year during Rafa's hardcourt return. Not just watching the matches but reading all the articles/interviews on the ATP site, SI.com and Tennis.com. I was so stoked for this Open and could not have been any happier with his win. He is amazing. As much as I want him to end the year as number 1, I soooo want to see him win another Aussie Open because then he'll be the only one. He's already a living legend but, if he does that too, that would just be heaven. Heeee. No, I'm not into this at all LOL.

Hey you! I know exactly what you mean about the excitement level for this year's USO; I was just the same - reading everything I could get my hands on - as you. What a change from a year ago when I wasn't sure if he'd ever play again!

I was just making the Australian Open point to someone else! To earn the career slam twice would be so phenomenal.

I still need to post about it (with pictures!), but I'll tell you now - I was at the final, and it was GLORIOUS.

Heeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so excited for you that you got to see that final. It must've been amazing.

Speaking of reading up on tennis these days, I saw this rec'd on the SI.com site. Haven't read it all yet but it *looks* impressive and the bit I did read was really lovely:


I'm so envious :)

Man, that was a GREAT article - thank you for sending it my way! I have a much shorter one to rec to you: http://m.si.com/3359371/f4c5efb0/. I just love him. Let's hope he finishes the year with a bang and goes on to take the Australian!

LOVED that Price article. I wanted to read it to my hubby but, since he's a Federer fan suffering as he not only watches the king in decline but being increasingly gained on by the young gun, I thought it would be too much for the hubs to handle ;)

He's coming around to appreciate Rafa more, not that he never did but, he preferred Roger's obvious finesse. I think he's finally starting to see Rafa's finesse. Plus he can't stand Nole and isn't particularly fond of Murray so that leaves Rafa to cheer for LOL.

So glad you enjoyed that link I sent you. I'll have to read it in its entirety this weekend. I love the Michael Strahan quote she uses at the top. I *did* read that to my hubby ;).

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