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Hi, everybody!

Things here have been less than great on the personal side (death and health problems in the family, issues with tenants, job insecurity, etc.) but there have been some real bright spots too.

* I spent yesterday with my brother (yes, he's back on this coast!) at the US Open, watching both of the men's semifinals. What a heartbreaker that first one was - Wawrinka (whom I've always liked and thought kind of adorable) was so close to winning it. Reaching the semis was already a breakthrough for him, but it would have been great for him to beat Djokovic at Arthur Ashe. The crowd seemed pretty evenly split for that one. But we were (almost) all for Rrrrrrrrafa, who came out and shut down every one of Gasquet's beautiful points. As my brother said, Rafa is so boring in interviews (in English, anyway), as he always says the same things: he's not taking anything for granted, each match is its own beast, his opponent was fantastic, the experience of playing in ____ tournament has been wonderful, etc. All of that is undeniably true, but I find it so charming that he's such a beast on the court who goes all dimply and smiley once the match is over. I wore my Rafa shirt and enjoyed every minute of the day. I'm trying to see if I can afford to go to the final on Monday - anyone have a ticket to sell?

* Last weekend, I saw The World's End for the second time with my BFF, J. I'd already seen it as part of the Cornetto Trilogy marathon with [personal profile] alizarin_nyc and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a much more elegiac movie than the first two, which makes sense as it does wrap up the trilogy, but there is still plenty of sparkling humor in it. It's going on my list of Yuletide fandoms in part because there was so much background story that was only sketched out - I really do think that they could have made at least one season of TV out of the premise for the movie.

* It is Martin Freeman's birthday today! He is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42). Happy birthday!

* I've now watched the first two seasons of Homicide, courtesy of [personal profile] musesfool. It is fantastic, but not something about which I would be fannish. Once the US Open is over, I should be able to get through seasons 3 and 4 at a faster clip.

* I'm writing four stories right now. One Cabin Pressure (for the Help Syria auction), two New Girl, and one Sherlock. The last is the only one without a deadline, so of course that's the one that's consuming me. It would be nice to be swept away by one (or more) of the new TV shows coming soon, but I don't anticipate that happening; then again, I could never have seen New Girl coming either, so who knows?

* Let's talk a little about Yuletide. I know I'm nominating Louisa May Alcott's two-book sequence Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom. Possibly, as mentioned above, The World's End. And there are about twenty other fandoms to consider. What are you thinking about?

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